Believe it or not, appearance often has an impact on the self-confidence, i.e., the smarter you look, the stronger you can project yourself. And when we say smart looks, it doesn’t mean the clothes you wear or the accessories you carry, but the physical personality that you build.

Of the physical features, height is one which majorly effects the confidence levels. Being tall and slender is everyone’s dream and though it’s a genetic feature, it can be improved with a healthy intake of foods.

So how does it work? The Human Growth Hormone (HGH) generated in the pituitary gland promotes the height and this can be stimulated with various types of food.

Here is a quick peek into the foods that help you achieve your goal:


Also known as the Indian ginseng, it is a widely used herbal remedy to increase the height. This ingredient is rich in minerals that help in elongating the bones without affecting the density of the bones. It also promotes the HGH in the body thus aiding in increasing the height. This powder can be consumed with milk on a regular basis to obtain the desired results.

As we all know, milk is rich in calcium which forms the basis for strong bones and healthy physique. Vitamin A helps in absorbing the calcium in the body and the proteins in the milk aid in building cells in the body. Together, these properties of milk make it number one in the list of foods to opt for height and growth.

Banana being a rich source of energy is an obvious pick from the grocery store. The rich nutrients of banana are calcium, potassium, manganese and probiotic bacteria facilitate the increase of height. Just like milk, banana also helps in strengthening the bones and teeth. Hence, add a banana to your diet and reap the benefits.

Eggs have numerous benefits with one of them being increasing the height. They are rich in protein content that will promote good health. Vitamin D, calcium and Vitamin B2 that are present in eggs help in the development of strong bones. To maintain good health, consume eggs, especially the whites on a daily basis.

5.Soybeans, Soy milk or Tofu
Being a rich source of proteins, vitamins, fiber and carbohydrates, Soybeans are considered the perfect food to improve the overall health of the body. The proteins in soybeans are the prime nutrients in improving the mass and density of bone tissue that aid in increasing the height. A proper consumption of 50-55 beans per day or a glass of soy milk or tofu crumbles in salads would be beneficial.

For vegetarians, oatmeal is an amazing source of protein which helps in increasing the height and promoting good health. We have known oatmeal to be closely associated with weight loss and its surprising to note that the oatmeal also has a tendency of boosting muscle mass. Just like every other protein rich foods, oatmeal also helps in maintaining, repairing and creating tissues.

7.Leafy Veggies
Vegetables are powerhouses of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and many dietary fibers and the green leafy vegetables are the most prominent source of healthy nutrients. These nutrients not just promote good health but when consumed in appropriate amounts help in increase of the height. Spinach, broccoli are few green leaf vegetables that should be included in the diet.

8.Nuts and Seeds
When you browse for the perfect diet to lose weight or gain strength, you are sure to find nuts and seeds included in the regime. They make a healthy, mouth-watering snack that promotes good cholesterol and also helps in increasing the height. Peanuts, almonds, walnuts and pumpkin seeds are few choices that help in repairing and developing new bone tissues. So remember to crunch on the nuts as the nutrients present in them stimulate growth hormones in the body.

Though height is closely linked to genes and an increase in height cannot be expected beyond the age 25. But by adding chicken to the plate of the meal, you can expect a miracle to happen. It is one of the natural sources of protein that helps in building muscle and tissues. Having a minimum of 50 grams of chicken every day can help in increase of height.

Tuna, sardines etc., are few varieties of fish that contain high amounts of protein. The vitamin D present in the fish help in absorption of calcium that helps in growth and development of bones and increases the density of the tissue. The proteins aid in repairing the tissues and also prevents bone erosion due to wear and tear.

As we all know, a tall and slim figure has its perks. Carrying any outfit with grace is possible with such a tall mien. Hence build your bone tissue and improve your health with these suggested food intakes.

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