This carpenter contractor specializes in constructing commercial buildings and residential homes from wood products. They work with sheet wood, composite lumber, rough timber, and regular lumber. This material is used to create the skeleton of the building or home that is being built. The frame will support all the building loads such as the roof, walls, and other finishes. It will also protect the people who live or work in the structure and all the stuff inside.

The majority of the day a framing carpenter contractor will spend on a construction site. Framing the structure is one of the first steps in the process of construction. Working as a framer you will be on the work site from the beginning of the job. You will be exposed to all types of weather. It is a job that can be interrupted by snow or rain. This can affect the framing carpenter contractor’s paycheck and the project schedule.

Once they have poured the foundation to the building or home it is time for the framer to do their job. The framing carpenter contractor will next construct a subfloor on top of the foundation. They will use sheet wood and lumber. Once this is completed the framework, or walls, will be built and erected. The frame will be topped by other floors in multi floor buildings or just the roof if it is only one floor. Some framing carpenter contractors use traditional lumber to build the framework while others used wooden trusses that are pre-manufactured. Using ones that are pre-made will help to reduce the time to construct the roof, allowing the framer to create roof designs that are more elaborate.

Once they have finished the exterior, they will move inside the structure to frame the interior walls. The framing carpenter contractor is often responsible for laying out the walls by using markers like chalk. This is done so that any other tradesman can use the lines to complete their work. For a framer, making the layout is a big responsibility. Once they have the w alls done they may also frame out any architectural specialties like bulkheads or staircases in a home.

To acquire the skills and experienced necessary to become a reputable framing carpenter contractor most will learn on the job. Some may even go through apprenticeship programs. The framer also needs to understand the different materials and tools that are used in construction and be familiar with current building standards and codes. They should also understand how to read blueprints to ensure that they are doing the framing work correctly.

Along with wood framing, a framing carpenter contractor may also work with metal and wood framing studs, finish the drywall used covering the framing, and more.

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