The Official Service Dog Registry is proud to announce itself as a free service dog registration site.

As an independent, non-governmental, voluntary organization, the Official Service Dog Registration has a goal of providing an online service and assistance dog registry for disabled individuals. The goal of this registry is to help identify individuals and their dogs as working service dog teams.

According to the American Disability Act, any dog assisting a person with a disability is considered a service dog. A service dog and its handler are eligible for special protection under the American’s with Disabilities Act of 1990. This act gives service dogs equal access to public places including restaurants, grocery stores, movie theaters, taxis, airplanes, and more. In addition, this act protects service dogs who may be living in complexes where pets are generally not allowed.

Identification is very important in helping individuals who use service dogs. Individuals may use service dogs to help with visual impairments, hearing lose, seizures, PTSD, depression, anxiety, and more. By registering with the Official Service Dog Registry, service dogs and their partners will be able to minimize the risk of discrimination and public assess issues.

Registering with this FREE Nationwide Registry will help both a both and it’s partner. Reduce the problems that may arise with bringing a service dog into a public place. Not everyone is educated on the use of service dogs. By registering with us, you can minimize discrimination.

How Dogs Help with Depression, Anxiety Disorders, and PTSD.

A dog is often referred to as man’s best friend. However, for some individuals a dog can be so much more than just man’s best friend. For individuals suffering from depression, anxiety, or PTSD, a service dog can make a world of difference in their everyday life.

Psychiatric disorders are similar to infectious diseases. When left untreated, they continue to spread and increase the about of depression, sickness, or disability an individual is feeling. These disorders can make day to day life a struggle. Attending work, exercising, enjoying time with family and friends, running errands, or simply getting out of bed can become too much to handle.

Many therapists have noted the use of service dogs as co-therapists in their offices. Therapists often ask patients if they would like to have a service dog present during their session. Many patients are excited by the idea of a dog being in the office and are calmer as they are able to hold and pet the service dog. Having a service dog around often helps patients melt off their anxiety. They provide please and relieve stress.

Service dogs can also serve as excellent companions outside of a therapists office. Patients who have service dogs at home report them to be a blessing in their lives. They feel reassured by the presence of their service dog. They actually change the ability of an individual to cope with anxiety, depression, or PTSD. For individuals who did not want to leave their homes, they begin wanting to go out with their dogs to take them on walks. As the relationship with the service dog continues to grow, patients grow in confidence, start attending work, resuming their regular activities, socialize, and overall feel much better about themselves.

With the help of a service dog as a companion many individuals battling psychiatric disorders are able to live their lives again.

The Unconditional Love and Companionship Received From A Service Dog. 24/7.

Service dogs empower individuals with disabilities and psychiatric disorders to live their lives to the fullest and to live life independently. While service dogs help with retrieving dropped objects, opening and closing doors, alerting individuals of sounds and emergencies, and much more, the greatest aspect of a service dog is the unconditional love and companionship they provide.

Depression, loneliness, and anxiety have a tendency to diminish in the presence of a service dog.
A dog’s capacity for unconditional love and companionship is often the greatest gift a dog can provide to their partner. With the assistance of their service dog, individuals experience joy and confidence that were likely to have been unattainable through the use of more traditional treatments.

Service dogs provide individuals who may rarely experience a reason to smile the opportunity to do so. They provide a sense of comfort, security, companionship, reality checks, and much more.

Dogs provide service many times without even realizing it or without an individual asking for it. They wait for you when you come home, they greet you, kiss you, and jump up and down when they see you. Dogs know when you are upset, whether it is with them or something else and always try to make up for it. Dogs provide protection. They know their names, wag their tails, and how individuals how excited they are for the attention they receive.

Dogs show individuals unconditional love just as individuals love their dogs. For individuals with service dogs, the power of that dog goes well beyond just a pet. This service dog provides opportunities and a lifestyle that may not be possible without the 24/7 love and companionship of this dog.

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