Funerals are a sad occasion and flowers can play several roles during this time. Flowers can help you honor the memory of the deceased one and also offer sympathy and support to your loved ones in this difficult time. Casket Flowers NJ are a symbol of hope and rebirth of the soul of the deceased, they represent a source of comfort for family and loved ones.

The dilemma however, is always which flowers or which bouquet to choose and in some complex cases we are not sure of the tradition of the diseased, and can’t tell if flowers are welcome or not. The Following tips can help you in making the right choice.

1. Choosing flowers according to their meaning

If the family of the deceased haven’t put in place a theme or specified the colors to offer, Florist NJ can help you on the decision of the right flowers. When getting your free quotation, enquire about the meaning of the flowers they are proposing. Recommendations are mostly based on the age of the diseased, how they lived their life and you’re personal relationship with the deceased or their family. In the language of flowers;

• Roses are the queens of flowers. Dark roses represent deep love.
• The geranium evokes love, passion.
• The gerberas embody deep love. Moreover, they have the advantage of being resistant.
• Heather is the symbol of robust loves and solidity.
• The lily symbolizes purity and innocence.
• The bright roses symbolize sympathy.
• Carnations that are the symbol of mourning and discretion.
• Chrysanthemums symbolize eternity. They require little maintenance and flower until the first frosts, which is why they are the flowers of All Saints' Day.

Modern funeral ceremonies don’t also stick with the “traditional” mourning flowers. Sometimes other types of are used in the flower arrangements, including arum which is a symbol of the soul, fern and ivy.

2. Selection based on the colors

Casket flowers NJ will also help you choose the right color of flowers as most of these also have some meaning attached to them. Bright flowers show how happy the deceased lived. Red symbolizes intimacy and so is mostly reserved for the spouse of the diseased. The pastel colors evoke some form of nostalgia and also symbolize deep friendship. If you were a close friend to the diseased, you will want to demonstrate and prove your support and attachment to the family. White is a symbol of purity, and is therefore mostly used at children’s funerals.

Florist NJ will offer both artificial and natural flowers. Artificial flowers like plastic, paper and silk tend to last longer. But some families will see these flowers as a sign of disrespect. More durable flower arrangements are those where flowers are pricked in water.

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