I’m going to share with you something very personal here, I’ll going to give you my preferred opening lines to use on women, in fact, they are very funny when applied correctly.

Don’t worry, I’ll show you exactly how to use them and how to make women crack a smile or even a loud laughter when you say one to them.

You can go on reading many eBooks and listen to many CDs on how to seduce and approach women, but the basic techniques are still the same, you have to get her laughing, you need to make her feel at ease with you in order to make her like you.

It’s the basic idea in meeting women.

My opening lines are no different, they are going to make her feel very at ease when you use them on her and you are going to make her laugh so hard that her friends are going to consider her very stupid!

It’s the promise of these funny opening lines and I’m going to deliver what I promised now:

The first funny opening line to use with women.

It’s very easy to say and very short, you only need to make sure you have a definite control of your body language; you don’t need to be an expert at moving your body, but just make sure that you don’t laugh first.

“are you shy? I’ve been waiting for you the whole evening to come and approach me!”

It’s the first funny opening line.

Here is the situation you are going to use it in: if you are in a club or at a bar and you see her alone, just go to her and start delivering, don’t say hi or introduce yourself, just say what you’ve got in mind and you will be good to go.

Women are going to love it so much.

The second funny opening line to use with women.

This one can be pretty daring, but if said the right way and with the right amount of confidence, you are going to appear as the funniest man alive.

Let’s say you are walking and a woman is walking right next to you, you then say:

“Hey!!! Did you just grab my ass?!!!”

Most women are going to look surprised and may even fear that you may threatening them or even being some kind of psycho, that’s why you need to add this little line:

“it keeps happening to me all the time, women keeps on touching me all the time, I know I’m very sexy and attractive, but I want them to like me for my personality, not my highly attractive physique”

It's a great way to start immediately flirting with a woman.

Make sure that when you say these words to her, you smile arrogantly and you point your finger to your whole body.

You simply can’t imagine how women are going to like this one and how they are going to laugh at it.

Just be daring and please, make sure your body language is reflecting what you say.

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