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Gemini born between May 21 and June 21
Your horoscope for 2012
First decanate

Horoscope 2012 Gemini first decanate: This is a year that can offer all kinds of opportunities to introduce some new in your life. The sextile Uranus (year-round) prepares you slowly to what might change. But this is likely especially from June to August 2012 (when the glorious conjunction of Jupiter) that you really afford to calmly deal with this pretty corner. Do not miss your chance: a friend who wishes you well may be the trigger for a new level in your ambitions ... From mid-June to mid-July 2012, have also all the daring love! Cupid can not miss you and the best can happen with this Jupiter-Venus conjunction in your decanate! Be vigilant, however, generally because the square of Neptune (year-round) takes away a little clarity or objectivity (on things and people). It can also leave you to thank you for small malicious. The period from mid-March to mid-May 2012 is perhaps the most misleading: not underestimate any obstacle and stay alert!
Second decanate

Gemini Horoscope 2012 second decanate: The heart is likely to take precedence over all other concerns, in April, June and July 2012: the planet Venus will be decided exceptionally to stagnate in your decanate and this should be pretty exciting ... If love does not lead you by the nose, it might at least expect the turn! The second half of July should be literally the same passion: the love dish of the day, every day ... When you finish "coo" tenderly, you can not turn to other complex projects: the long and lucky pass Jupiter (the Great Generous) in your decanate happens once every 12 years, and you should open up promising horizons. Jupiter so you can put your foot in the door of a beautiful project, from August to December 2012 with this superb (and persistent) manna from heaven, you are probably the favorites of the year!
Third decan

Gemini Horoscope 2012 third decanate: With the trine of Saturn benevolent (until October 2012), you approach a period made to shoulder responsibility and ensure the length. You must now move forward and you realize on a sound, healthy and very serious. Take already now your sleeves and organize your good resolutions! Only then you will come to you promote, increase or reputation. Also think "money" and "investment". No doubt some periods of stress and extra workload to be expected (in January, February and June 2012 due to the square of the planet Mars in Virgo), but you can generally count on the support of your hierarchy as on that of circles and administrative officials. A year and empowering linear but important. Note: for some reason the merry month of May (2012) speaks to your heart! If you have a sentimental event to celebrate, take time already!

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