Sometimes the planets are not placed correctly and authentically in your horoscope then you should wear gemstones to ward off planetary misfortune from your life.

But you should be very careful while selecting a correct gemstone. You can take an expert astrologer’s help. He can guide you to select a right gemstone with his keen observation and intuition. You should make sure before wearing a gemstone that the gemstone is compatible to you or not. Incompatible gemstone can show negative effects for you. An expert astrologer will go through your horoscope and suggest gemstones most suitable for you which will enhance your education, career, love or health prospects.

So be careful while selecting the gems. You should have proper knowledge like;

• Most suitable gemstone for you

• Authentic weight of gemstone

• Right metal with gemstone to be used

• Auspicious date & time to wear gemstone with wearing instructions to get maximum benefits.

• Suitable mantra to energize before wearing the gemstone according to the planetary movements in your horoscope.

Properties of Gemstones

All gemstone have their own unique properties like colour, crystalline structure, hardness and many more things. Some stones are used to cure health problems, others are used for concentration, some work as warriors, and some are helpful to flourish your business. In Indian Vedic Astrology, gems are assigned to planets, rather than signs.

Gemstones can enhance a particular energy that is needed. When properly worn, Gemstones creates a protective shield around the you, and it can blocks harmful rays. Here are some gemstones as per birth rashi and their rulers.

Birth Rashi, Ruler, Gemstone

• Taurus, Venus, Diamond

• Aries, Mars, Red Coral

• Gemini, Mercury, Emerald

• Cancer, Moon, Pearl

• Leo, Sun, Ruby, Diamond

• Virgo, Mercury, Emerald

• Libra, Venus, Diamond

• Capricorn, Saturn, Blue Sapphire

• Aquarius, Saturn, Blue Sapphire

• Pisces, Jupiter, Yellow Sapphire

Gems are of two types: Hot and Cold. Ruby, Red coral, Diamond and Cat's eye are hot gems whereas Pearl, Topaz, Blue Sapphire and Gomed are cold in nature. Here are some gemstones and their benefits.

Ruby (Manimya) - Ruby gives name, fame, virtue, vigor, warmth and commanding power. It can change the status of a person. It is red in colour, it helps to cure peptic ulcer, fever, rheumatism, gout. Women should avoid the use of Ruby. Ruby should be used in Gold.

Red Coral (Moonga) - Red Coral improves the courage. It also helps in curing blood related diseases. This is normally red in color. One can assures material happiness, and recovery from diseases indicated by Mars such as fever, cough etc.

Pearl (Moti) - Pearl can remove the evil effects of moon and it strengthens the mind and increases the good sleep and cures insomnia. It also improves memory, cures uterine disorders, heart trouble and eye diseases, hysteria and pleurisy etc. You can be blessed with sexual strength and makes the conjugal life happy, removes melancholy and flourish fortune.

Topaz- Wearing Topaz means you can improve your financial condition. It is also helpful in finding a suitable match for a girl. This is normally yellow in color. It improves vision, gives life security, protects you from poverty, and removes adversity, misfortune and melancholy.

Diamond (Heera) - wearing a diamond means you are going to have a luxurious life. Diamond also shines the name, fame and artistic quality. It also enhances sexual power, cures diabetes, diseases of urine and venereal diseases, skin and uterine diseases.

Emerald (Panna) - It increases intelligence and brain power. It improves memory, communication, intuition, the intellect and the ability to learn. If you are newlywed couples, you should not wear it because it impairs conjugal happiness due to reduction in sexual desires.

Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) - Yellow sapphire gemstones are very useful in astrology and Vedic properties. It has many healing powers and is very important in star signs. It is said that this gem increase financial status. It will give wealth, good health, fame, name, honors and success too.

Blue Sapphire (Neelam) - Blue Sapphire can remove evil effects of Saturn. It has the magical power to elevate its user to a higher status from all sides. But sometimes this stone may react adversely. So Blue Sapphire should be tested for one week before final wearing. It could give you everything you could desire such as health, wealth, longevity, happiness. It also restores lost wealth and property. It can improve fertility in barren women.

Gomed (Gomode) - This Gem is used for Shadow planet Rahu. The Shadow planet Rahu is supposed to be responsible for all sorts of delays or very late fulfillment of ambitions. Gomed can help in achieving speedy success in less time than expected. Gomed is normally reddish-chocolate in color. It can cure diseases caused by affliction of Rahu and Saturn. It also increase appetite, vitality, confers good health, wealth, happiness and all sound prosperity.

So most importantly have faith on Vedic astrology and take the precious help of an expert astrologer to ward off the hazards of your life and to make it more meaningful. They are precious stones for us but the basic need is to use them carefully and correctly. It can create magic for you but they should be real and genuine. Make your life more beautiful and pleasant with the help of an expert and experienced astrologer.

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