Genital warts is one of the most commonly occurring sexually transmitted diseases. It is caused by a virus called human papilloma virus (HPV) and is normally recognised as small growth of flesh on the genital area in case of both men and women. The statistics say that it occurs more in people aged between 17 and 33. The outbreak of genital warts can be easily cleared up with the help of effective creams, but the occurrence of warts during pregnancy can be matter of big concern for women. If you experience small protrusions in the skin of genital area during pregnancy, then contact your doctor immediately. It is considered to be a major risk as:

  • The possibility of these warts to grow in size and number increases during pregnancy. They may keep occurring frequently causing you discomfort.
  • Although, they can be treated during pregnancy, if the warts are too big in size then you may be suggested to have a caesarean delivery. However, this is rare.
  • The virus can also pass to the baby during a vaginal delivery, causing an infection in the baby’s throat or genital area. This is considered extremely severe as the growths could be large enough to block the airway.

Fortunately, there are effective treatments available to treat warts. However, you need to discuss you options doctor. One of the widely prescribed creams is Warticon. Podophyllotoxin,the active ingredient of this cream, works by piercing the wart cell and poisoning the nucleus of the cell making the wart cells are unable to reproduce and spread in the body. The dead wart cells are eventually replaced by normal skin cells. Condyline solution is another genital warts treatment that is made from the roots of podophyllum plant. It is applied directly to the genital warts so that the warts are prevented from growing and multiplying. Pregnant or breastfeeding women, and who are allergic to podophyllotoxin are generally asked to avoid using Warticon.

You can also opt for Adara cream, a known cream for treating several skin problems including genital warts. It does not immediately attack the human papilloma virus, but directs body’s immune to make the warts less visible due to which they eventually go away. This cream contains imiquimod and has the potential to clear the warts completely in just 16 weeks. This cream is very easy for anyone to apply and should be applied three times per week. Aldara is not suitable for people who are recovering from an organ transplant, people with a weakened immune system or who have an inflammatory skin condition.

However, it is important to keep in mind that warts occurring under the foreskin or on the penis of men should not be treated with this cream. This treatment is meant for adults and should be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women only after discussing it with their doctor. You can buy Aldara cream from any of the registered online pharmaceuticals after a quick and confidential online consultation with a licensed doctor or medical professional. The consultation should not be avoided as it helps the doctor to understand whether the treatment is apt for your body. The prescribed treatment is dispatched at your doorstep without disclosing your identity. Learn more about different stis visit

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Ethan Hunt writes on various health condions, specialising in STIs, for one of UK's leading online clinic. Here is an article on facts about genital warts and how it is related to pregnancy. You can buy Aldara cream or Warticon cream, effective prescription medications for genital warts, after going through the facts mentioned in the article.