Like many other states in United States, Georgia has also got legal separation laws. Legal separation laws were induced in the system so that those married couples who do not wish to live a marital life considering their marriage is dead but do not want to end the marriage. Ending marriage will scarp various social security cover as well as medical insurance cover. So, to maintain these cover couples opt for legal separation. In this way, the marriage stays intact but the couple gets legally separated. The only thing they cannot do is remarry. It would be a legal offense if any of the separated spouse remarry without getting a divorce.

In order to get the Georgia separation agreement, you first need to file the legal separation papers with the county clerk.. The separation form which you will file with the county clerk will contain information about you and your spouse, complete address, details of any children. In the financial section of the form, you will be required to provide complete information about you and your spouse financial standing. Apart from this, you are also required to provide addition details like details about children.. You will also be required to provide financial documents like bank account and credit card statements, investment and mortgage papers, tax papers, vehicle papers , post retirement benefits and papers about all the marital assets. Georgia separation laws are not much different than divorce laws. Once you have completed the separation petition, make three copies of it and file it with the county clerk. Once you get the file stamped copy of the petition, serve the Georgia separation notice to your spouse. You can use the services of any private process server or marshal or the sheriff to get the notice served to your spouse.

If you have any child in the marriage then while drafting the separation agreement, make sure you also plan out a detailed plan of action for the child support. One of the most important issues in separation cases is child support. Draft a separate child support plan with the separation agreement. One thing that you need to keep in mind while drafting the child support plan is that you are drafting a support plan for your child. Every money that is getting invested in it is for the better future of the children.

You will also be required to chart out a spousal support plan for your spouse. One thing you can do is that you can talk with your spouse and draft a spousal support plan with a common understanding. This will help your separation process big time as you do not have to spend time with attorneys trying to get the matter settled in the courthouse. Thus, saving you a lot of money in litigation. You can save a a lot of money if you avoid your separation process from going in to litigation. This money can be equally shared in the separation agreement thus taking an easy way out of the marriage.

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