Looking to try out a new look for summer? There’s really nothing better than ushering in the new season with a new look, and summer’s the perfect season to test drive a new hairdo. Why? Well, for starters, summer’s the season when you’ll be wearing lots of cute sundresses and fun, colorful makeup – it’s the season of romance and flirting, of dancing and long days and nights on the beach, of flirtation and fun and everything fancy free. In other words, there’s really no better time to try out a new look. Your new hair is calling your name, and the call is coming from none other than Clairol Professional Hair Color. Long one of the most respected brands both in the salon and on the shelves of your local beauty supply store, Clairol Professional Hair Color is an easy way to get the look you’re going for, right in the comfort of your own home.

Clairol’s been around for eighty plus years, and is part of the behemoth Proctor and Gamble Company, which controls many of the great beauty products available on today’s shelves. The founder of Clairol was a man by the name of Lawrence M. Gelb, and he is credited with introducing color to salons over sixty years ago. These days, salon hair color is a billion dollar business that employs thousands of people across the globe. Way back in 1931, the United States was suffering from a deep depression – the worst people had ever seen. In hopes of bringing good fortune to his family in the midst of a depression, Lawrence Gelb, a chemist from New York, set sail for Europe along with his wife and two sons. His goal? To find a new product to bring back to the United States; one he could launch in hopes of beating the odds of the depression.

During his trip, Gelb looked over dozens upon dozens of cosmetic products, hoping to find something that would help him strike it rich across the pond. Though he surveyed many fragrance products, in the end, the product that caught his eye was none other than a hair color preparation called Clairol. Unlike other products on the market at the time, which coated the hair but did not penetrate the strands, Clairol was revolutionary – it penetrated the hair shaft, producing a color that was softer and much more natural-looking than any other hair color on the market at the time. Upon recognizing the potential of Clairol, Lawrence Gelb turned to his wife, a fashion-forward woman who’d managed to endure the depression in style, and had her try the product out. She was instantly sold, and the Gelb family began their journey back to the United States.

Upon arrival back home, Gelb quickly went about demonstrating the product to beauty professionals in his home of New York. Though the Great Depression was in full swing, hair professionals were quick to add Clairol to their menu of services, and before he knew it, Gelb was in business. The product in its initial stages was known as Instant Clairol Oil Shampoo Tint – and soon after it hit the market, sales soared. Women checked into their local salon and requested Clairol color. Though sales figures were through the roof, Gelb wasn’t satisfied with the five-step process that hair color required at the time, and quickly got to work refining the Clairol product. By 1950, he revealed a newly improved Clairol product – one that lightened, tinted, shampooed and conditioned in just twenty minutes. Sales increased by a staggering 500%.

Today, Clairol’s commitment to keeping Gelb’s legacy alive, and also, to educating hair care professionals and constantly innovating the product discovered way back in 1931 can be seen in what’s now called Clairol Professional Hair Color. Just like the initial product, Clairol Professional penetrates the core of your hair shaft to deliver deep color and conditioning you can feel. Plus, you get the added bonus of 100% gray coverage, so there’s no need to worry about a few silver strands peeking out. Clairol has also added SOY4PLEX™ conditioning , which offers up to 84% more deep conditioning than other leading professional hair color creams.

If you’re looking to change up your look for summer, Clairol Professional Hair Color is the brand for you. There’s no reason to trust any other drugstore brand when you’ve got eighty years of hair care research backing Clairol Professional Hair Color. Why risk it? You can reap the benefits of a gorgeous new blonde or brunette you, and know that your hair is in good hands. No botched dye jobs. No orange locks when you meant to go red. Just perfect, gorgeous, silky locks in the color of your dreams – all from the comfort of your very own bathroom.

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Bryant Tom is a freelance writer who writes about beauty and fashion products such as Clairol Professional