You stare at the ceiling for hours, but you just cannot seem to fall asleep. You know your eyes will be bloodshot at work in a few hours, so you often reach for sleeping pills. However, their positive effects on your body start to wear off after regular use. Besides, relying on sleeping pills too often can lead to abuse, along with medical and psychological drawbacks. Fortunately, smarter alternatives, such as human growth hormone and testosterone treatments, are now available to help you get quality sleep.

To begin, the pills should only be utilized as needed for severe sleep deprivation, rather than used on a regular basis. They will not cure any sleeping disorders or solve any underlying problems floating around your head. Meanwhile, sleeping pills are not free of negative side effects. Men and women often look and feel drowsy the next day. Their memory skills seem to sink as well. Eyes get bloodshot and folks tend to experience severe cases of dry mouth. Of course, the more your body depends on sleeping pills for rest, the more dependent on them you will become. After your body build up a tolerance, you will need to pop more sleeping pills for them to work.

Meanwhile, you never want to grow dependant on sleeping pills to get shut-eye, which can easily occur after too much use. If you have, you must gradually wean yourself off of the medicine. Depending on the specific drug and dosage in your system, ugly side effects are known to include upset stomachs, headaches and severe sweating. People wake up feeling groggy, appear tired all day and have trouble concentrating at work. You may even get dizzy for no apparent reason. Extreme cases even lead to people sleepwalking. Such unwanted side effects can be increased when mixed with other medications, including muscle relaxers and painkillers. Even if they do work for you, insomnia will simply return after you stop relying on sleeping pills to fall asleep and stay asleep.

A much smarter answer to sleepless nights is relying on powerful hormone replacement therapy. Both human growth hormone and testosterone treatments are well known in the medical field for helping individuals improve their overall quality of sleep. Supplements of human growth hormone, also known as HGH, as well as testosterone treatments, will allow your body to sleep longer and deeper. As a result, your whole body can feel more refreshed throughout the day. You will gain the ability to focus on multiple projects for longer periods of time. Meanwhile, any unattractive bags under your eyes can be eliminated. In fact, you will look and feel like a new and improved person. Even your dreams will become more colorful and memorable than they have been in decades.

Of course, you cannot depend on just any human growth hormone or testosterone therapy. Any supplements that you put in your body should be prescribed from a health professional. Customer feedback also states that all HGH pills, HGH sprays and HGH creams are no more than useless scams. Yet, as soon as you get yourself some life changing human growth hormone and testosterone treatments, you will begin sleeping like a baby in no time whatsoever. Simply visit and to find out just how easy it can be to get the quality of sleep that you deserve.

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Working in the health industry for a couple of decades now, I have learned a thing or two about the human body. For example, I have seen firsthand how much human growth hormone treatments can do for aging men and women. Both HGH and testosterone supplements can safely knock years of wear and tear off of the mind and body. I know this because I am living proof that human growth hormone therapy works.