Medical experts say that most people who suffer from the problem of acne have too much of toxins and other impurities flowing through their bloodstream, which causes such skin conditions. Over years of research, this fact has been more and more solidified, and it has been proven that the blood condition of a person indeed has a connection with his/her skin.

When there is an excess accumulation of toxins and impurities in one's body, the blood starts to circulate it to all the cells of the body, pretty much like the distribution of oxygen and nutrients that it does. These impurities then enter the various body cells and organs, and affect their efficiency in functioning properly. As a result, the kidneys, the liver, and the lymphatic system of the body are unable to flush out all these toxins properly, leading to various health problems, of which acne is one of the most common under the category of skin diseases.

Thankfully, this problem can be cured, with the help of a few blood-purifying herbs, which clear up the bloodstream, and get the body's condition back to normal. Of these, Burdock Root is the most common, and is used in the form of teas to purify and cleanse the blood. It effectively flushes out all the toxins, and thus, the functioning of the liver improves a lot. Similarly, one can try herbs such as Red Clover, Dandelion Root, Licorice Root and Milk Thistle.

All of these herbs can be consumed in raw form, as well as in the form of teas, or can simply be boiled in water and consumed. Since these herbs are natural and not chemical, they are very safe to consume, and have no side effects at all. Glisten Plus capsule is a powerful herbal blood purifier formula made of herbs and natural nutrients that cleanse blood and improve skin health naturally.

Other things that are commonly available in one's kitchen, and can be used to purify one's blood are turmeric, garlic and neem. Try and include turmeric in teas and foods as much as possible, and chew a garlic clove everyday for proper detoxification. Neem is very good for treating acne and pimples, and can be chewed raw. It has anti-bacterial properties and improves the skin condition a lot, which is why it is also a part of many facial and skin care products, such as face washes, face packs, soaps etc.

On a daily basis, one must drink a glass of warm water every morning with a little amount of limejuice in it. This helps to ensure that your body is internally cleansed at the start of the day. Also, drink a cup of Chamomile tea every night before going to bed. It will soothe and relax you, and will cleanse your blood well.

Experts also suggest that one must make it a habit to drink a lot of water on a daily basis. Water is the best way to detoxify and purify one's blood. It flushes out all the impurities, and keeps the kidneys and the liver functioning properly. Fresh fruits and vegetables must also be added to one's diet very generously for the same purpose.

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