The first place to start off to get your boyfriend back is to know what men want. Men typically don’t express their feelings and emotions making it tough for a woman to understand what they want. The predisposition for a man is to bottle up things adding to the challenge of resolving issues and talking through problems. Women communicate entirely opposite of men and it can become confusing to distinguish the actions he takes that are contrary to the way you want him to communicate. In order to help remedy these problems a woman must identify with what a man wants.

The first thing to stay away from is to play games to get your boyfriend back. Men are really simple they won’t play games and hate the potential of this tactic. Being upfront is a far better plan and getting to the point. By understanding that men only require one major thing in a relationship and one type of woman it will put you on the path to get your boyfriend back rapidly.

Men want to feel like they can provide and protect their woman and/or family. The fundamental desire a man needs is to be a man. He needs to seem to be the “alpha male” in the relationship. The best way a woman can provide this need is to support her man and stand by him. Making him feel desired is the best way to keep him satisfied. However, do not mistake this with acting needy or being clingy. Men like and need their space by not providing it they will feel suffocated.

Be vigilant not to counteract the efforts you take to make him feel like a man by complaining about the things he in no way does right. Praise, appreciate and be supportive to your man. If you want to get your boyfriend back you need to become the woman he fell in love with. Consider the things that attracted him to you in the first place like being funny, sexy, happy, and playful. Once you bring out the girl he fell in love with make life easier by having him chase you.

Men enjoy a challenge so become a little more difficult to have by making it too easy he will lose interest quickly. Pass up sleeping with an ex boyfriend until you know that he is willing to commit to you. Provide the challenge by making him work for affection and the time he spends with you causing him to want more and more with you.

Applying these simple ideas with the realization of what a man wants in a relationship puts you in a position to get your boyfriend back. Be vigilant of the tendency of complicating these steps by remembering that men are straightforwardand do not require much to be happy in a relationship.

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