Here's good news for all the women out there --- men are pretty easy to seduce. Provided of course that he already likes you --- things will be a lot simpler if you start at that. Men are very visual creatures and the only way to make him totally yours is by getting a little creative with your flirting skills. A few little seductive moves and girl gestures and he'll be twisting around your fingers in no time. So what should you do to get him in the mood for sex tonight? Make it one hot and steamy night through these amazing techniques:

* Show a little skin. That's right. Let's get technical for now. Men love to seem some skin and it won't hurt if you do. Make it as subtle as possible if you can. A few body-fitting dresses would do to. That's enough to get his hormones raging and wildly turned-on in a few seconds.

* Smell irresistibly nice. This is not an option. It is a must. As a woman, a typical man would expect that you'd be smelling nice and sweet all the time. It's a very strong aphrodisiac and the more you get closer with him, letting him get a whiff of your cologne, the more he'd want to be in bed with you sooner.

* Get close and flirt. Flirting is your number one weapon when out on a regular bar night --- it keep you attractive and appealing. Flirt as much as you can but don't come off as someone totally easy to get. Send mixed signals and take some time to tease his imagination. He'll definitely yearn for more all night long.

* Be sexy and naughty. Sexiness is not only a physical attribute --- it's also a personality. If you feel desirable and sexy, you start to look the part too. Know how to flash him a few sexy and playful glances and they'd be definitely drooling after you. Keep it going and he'll be in bed with you soon.

* Stare right back. If he's flashing you few grins and trying to make eye contact --- stare right back. That would definitely get him all fired up. Not all women are very adventurous when it comes to flirting with men. But the more you get risky and aggressive, the more they'd bite the bait. So maintain eye contact with him. At all costs.

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