Einstein declared, “Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind.” Although Einstein believed that science and religion were severely handicapped unless they cooperated. But science and religion have been locked in a death struggle since Copernicus, Kepler and Galileo, threatened religious authority by pointing out the earth was not the center of the universe. Both groups have been wasting enormous amounts of energy trying to prove each other wrong. As a result, most people think they have to pick a side. However, there’s an important question that few people ask.

Is this supposedly impossible rift between science and religion real? Or is this an artificial problem created and fueled by two groups who would rather have power over each other than real answers? If that’s the case, both groups are cheating us out of extremely important progress that could be made if they would cooperate. Happily, there are scientists and spiritual leaders who have put their bias aside and opened their minds to the information the universe wants to give them.

A growing number of quantum physicists are following Einstein’s lead. Instead of stubbornly clinging to the unproven premise that consciousness evolved from matter, they’re discovering that consciousness permeates the very foundation of the subatomic universe. Instead of a collection of separate parts, they’ve discovered the universe is one interrelated whole. Their findings also demonstrate that a universal ground of consciousness links everything in existence. Quantum research has prompted many physicists to embrace the concept that there is a greater intelligence at work.

Throughout history, many spiritual sages have opened their minds to scientific truth. The knowledge they gained through the direct experience of God differs from most religious teachings, but these spiritual masters valued truth more than power. As they willingly let go of social conditioning and their own attachments and aversions, they were able to understand what the universe is trying to tell us. We can find their wisdom in Eastern writings such as the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita, and the works of Rumi, Shankara and Patanjali to name a few. But surprisingly, this wisdom is also found in the words of Jesus.

Many of Jesus’ sayings and parables reflect a deep understanding of the quantum universe. We were especially astonished at the depth of scientific truth that can be found in Jesus’ parable of the prodigal son. The Gnostic Gospels, a collection of writings by some of Jesus earliest followers, was accidentally found in Egypt in 1945. Many of Jesus’ sayings found in these writings also echo the new quantum understanding of the universe.

Einstein gave us the choice of remaining lame and blind, or healing these handicaps. We can cling to outdated and unscientific belief systems, or move forward into an enlightened age where science and spirituality can give our lives fresh meaning and purpose. At the beginning of the article we asked if God and science can coexist. Not only can they work together in harmony, quantum physicists and spiritual masters may soon demonstrate that science and God are the same thing. Whether or not the majority of scientists and religionists wish to continue their power struggle makes little difference. We each have the opportunity to take advantage of this new scientific/spiritual paradigm and find the joy we deserve.

Copyright 2010 Lee and Steven Hager

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Lee and Steven Hager are the authors of The Beginning of Fearlessness: Quantum Prodigal Son, a spiritual quest and scientific adventure featuring Jesus' parable of the prodigal son, discoveries in the field of quantum physics and the gnostic gospels. Visit The Beginning of Fearlessness blog and website at: http://www.thebeginningoffearlessness.com