Super Energy Gayatri is also called Bhavani. When the Primordial Divine Power is worshipped as Bhavani, such intense divine light manifests in a spiritual seeker, which helps in overcoming undesirable taints in one’s psyche. It can be called an energy stream. Bhavani is also called Durga, Bhairavi, Chandi, Kankali etc. Her face and attitude is quite ferocious. She can combat obstacles and turbulence very efficiently. Her vehicle is a lion. A lion symbolizes daring, attack etc. She holds such weapons in Her hands that can destroy Her enemies to pulp. In a worldly sense she is called Bhavani. Her aim is to ward off undesirable elements. The weapons of demons induce fear and terror in the world. Hence over here we do not use the word Bhavani. Bhavani means one who opposes unethical, illegal behaviour and instead encourages love and brotherhood in world humanity.

One leg of righteousness can be utilized for service, spiritual practices, compassion, help and generosity. This is its creative aspect. The second aspect is to oppose immoral behaviour. Without this righteousness is unfulfilled and imbalanced. In order to protect sacred qualities, it is imperative that vileness be opposed. This power to oppose is called Bhavani. Her divine sports are described as Chandi and Durga. The Devi Bhagwat makes a special mention of this Super Power. It is understood as one who destroys demons and circumstances that are dire. The function of God’s incarnation (Avatar) is to destroy unrighteousness and replace it with righteousness. Thus both complement one another. Good management involves both creation and destruction. Just as eating nourishing food is important, so too is excretion of urine, faeces etc. Along with endeavour of creation and propagation desctruction too is most required.

Any government in power not only looks after its citizens’ needs but also overcomes agitations /attacks from foreign nations or within their own country. They protect their country with the help of army, navy, police etc. A farmer and a gardener while growing various flowers, fruits, grains etc. have to also protect their crop from germs, insects etc. If they don’t do so, all their efforts will go in vain. Not only this but these undesirable elements will gain the power to inflict more losses. Thus just as it is important to sow sacred qualities in our minds, so too it is required that taints and distortions be uprooted. If you perform only one of these tasks, social arrangement will not maintain a good balance.

The first step of opposition is to overcome one’s vile intellect. Taints and distortions that are rooted deep down in our minds create our downfall. Bad habits lead to intoxication, vile activities etc. Thus we have to face many hardships in life. In order to uproot the taints of the mind, one has to undergo austerities and various spiritual practices.

Such vile activities prevail in society like lethargy, indolence, dirty habits, unruly behaviour, narrow mindedness, selfishness etc. which induce others to look down upon us and ignore us. Thus they are called beasts, ghosts etc. When lowly desires and egoistic behaviour are on the rise man becomes anti social, terrorist like and executes undesirable tasks. As a result he is hated and insulted by others. To overcome such a situation man should imbibe pious qualities and sacred actions. Bhavani is that enterprise which helps purify one’s soul. Self victory is the greatest victory.

In society where one sees creative and cooperative endeavour, there too vileness crops in. The net of inethics and blind beliefs is indeed very widespread. As a result many individual and social problems crop up. Thus intense efforts have to be made, both individually and socially, to overcome them. This effort is called Chandi. She is also Bhavani. Bhavani encourages creation and also opposition of unwanted elements. Gayatri is the presiding deity of a sacred intellect. Gayatri worship helps one augment valour, daring and enterprise.

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