The gold Buddha necklace is a jewel of absolute beauty with a very rare combination of quality, creativity, and the magical Buddha Metta inscribed on it. It shows forth the riches of a Buddha kind of life with its wisdom, discipline, purity, and prosperity.

The word “Metta” is of Pali origin and it means loving kindness meditation. It depicts unconditional love and empathy with which every living being should be treated. It summarizes the unbreakable bond between all living things and the fact that we are all of one source and one common destiny.

The golden Buddha necklace is a reminder that meditation can be a tool to cultivate compassion for others; animals and people alike. This is one of the greatest and the most basic of the teachings of Buddha; if you are really enlightened, you will definitely seek
The beautiful Buddha necklace has a miniature inscription in 24k gold and it comes with a luxury magnifying glass that makes it very easy for the buyer to be able to read the inscriptions on the rare piece of jewelry.
There are two inscriptions above the “Metta” and the two words are in Sanskrit and they mean wisdom and compassion. This combination makes this Buddha prayer necklace to be one of the most sacred and still beautiful.

As if to complete the finishing, the gold Buddha prayer necklace comes with a boldly inscribed knot right at the center; the endless knot symbol represents the connection between all sentient beings and portrays them as one.
You cannot beat the quality of the exclusive 24 karat pure gold inscriptions on this Buddha necklace; not only is it of the purest of forms, it is also made by the hands of the best in the world of gold jewelry fabrications. Combined with a natural onyx stone that makes it stand out among other designs, the gold Buddha necklace is a real beauty.

This gold necklace is an awesome birthday gift for either sex as it is care-packaged with a custom-made magnifying glass inside an eye-catching box. It is not only perfect for any woman or man, its spiritual and wealthy meaning is one thing that everyone wants to identify with.

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