Getting a job in this competitive market requires that you up your game. You have to come at the most basic interview elements, the questions and answers, with a thoughtful strategy for success. With that in mind, I have for you two things you should always ask to have a job-winning conversation, and two responses to typical questions that will knock their socks off.

What you should always ask:

What does your ideal candidate look like?

Always take the initiative to ask this in some form near the very beginning of your conversation. The reason you want to ask is that before you even start telling them how great you’d be at the job, you need to find out what they really care about hearing the most. Then you can sell to those points all the way through the rest of your interview. Tell them how your experience meets what they want and in some cases, exceeds it. It's an ideal way to make sure you're talking about the things that will get you hired.

Can you see me being successful at this job? or
Is there any reason you wouldn’t offer me the job?

This is just two different ways to ask the same thing. You’re looking for any doubt they might have so you can clear it up while you still have the opportunity. Ask toward the end of your conversation. It feels very bold and aggressive, but if you want to work for this company, you'd better ask. Candidates can easily boost their chances of getting the offer by 30% - 40% if they can work up the nerve to ask it. It’s good communication, and it works.

On the other side of the coin, here's what you should always be able to answer:

Why do you want to work here?

I’m sure all you can think is “because I need a job.” But what the hiring manager wants to hear is, “I’ve researched your company and I like what I’ve found and I think I would be a good fit here and here’s why.” Not only are they looking for enthusiasm on your part that you want THIS job, not just any job; but they’re also trying to find out if you cared enough to do your homework.

Why should we hire you?

This puts you on the spot, but it’s really an ideal time to sum up why you not only meet the qualifications they’re asked for, but you exceed them in some way. This is your chance to sell yourself for the job and you should take full advantage of it by telling them what benefits you’ll bring.

If you can answer these general questions well, you’ve got a great chance at getting the job.

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