Social media has become an incredibly useful tool for businesses that are looking for quick and cost-effective ways to increase their visibility and promote their brands, products, and services. And with an increase in visibility comes more revenue, sales, and growth! But even long-standing businesses are not going to see a difference to their bottom line without two essential elements: Impressions (when a person views a post) and Engagement (when a person acts on a post, such as a like or comment).

Impressions and engagement are the lifeblood of social media marketing; without them, social media posts would exist in a vacuum with no connection to the outside world. So, how can you start promoting your business effectively on social media and make sure it gets the right amount of views and impressions without breaking the bank? Take a look at these tips:

1. Be Proactive on Social Media Platforms: One of the most important parts of being on social media is being on social media. Posting on your business’s account consistently is critical, so if you want to get the most benefit from social media platforms, it’s important to remain active and post regularly. Taking it a step further, start following your existing clients on social media. Comment on their posts and in return, you may start to gain followers and engagement. And don’t forget to advertise your social media accounts on anything a client may see. If you have a store, make sure to include your social media handles on receipts, placards, and store fliers. For online businesses, advertise your social media accounts on websites, email signatures, invoices, and email marketing.

2. Get Help From Other Social Media Accounts: It’s a great start to post consistently on your accounts, but without followers, that content won’t be seen or engaged with by anyone. Instead of waiting around for people to find you, take advantage of influencer marketing to have an immediate impact. Influencer marketing lets you tap into the followers of an already popular social media account, say for example a TV star or musician. If an influencer with 1 million followers posts a photo or video advertising your new product or service, your brand or business now has potentially 1 million new impressions! Influencer marketing used to be accessible mostly through marketing agencies and PR firms which require ridiculously high retainer fees that many businesses simply can’t afford on top of paying for the social media promotion. And don’t forget about the back and forth messaging, negotiations, and potential contracts that can be involved in accomplishing such a task. Luckily as technology continues to change modern practices, online marketplaces are available for almost every industry. Followback, a peer-to-peer social media marketplace, provides anyone direct access to thousands of influencers for the exact purpose of helping people and businesses get the exposure they need. With a few clicks, you can send requests for specific tasks to be done on social media. These different types of social media tasks can dramatically increase the impressions and engagement of your posts.

3. Promotional Contests and Giveaways: A great way to continue to build followers and increase engagement is through promotions and giveaways. Promotions that are shared exclusively through social media will boost the value of following your business’s account. Also, giveaways that are centered around social media engagement can become even more effective marketing tools by encouraging participants to “tag a friend” as a requirement for participating in the contest. This can have a cascading effect on increasing comments and gaining more followers.

These tips can achieve the immediate benefits of increased impressions and engagement and be easily implemented for any business. If you think we missed an idea, share yours in the comments section below.

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