Many men start to notice thinning hair long before hair loss becomes a serious issue. Ignoring these signs can allow hair loss to reach a point where it is no longer possible to do anything more than retain existing hair. Acting on hair issues early is easy to do when a man understands how the loss occurs and knows exactly what hair loss products will do the best job of reversing the process while it can still be reversed.

How A Hair Loss Product Can Help

Most men who notice the first signs of hair loss are suffering from the early symptoms of male pattern baldness. In male pattern baldness, a man's testosterone produces a byproduct called DHT in excess quantities. DHT builds up in the scalp and binds to hair follicles, causing the follicle to stop growing new hair and eventually disappear. Most hair loss product options work by stopping DHT either in the body or at the scalp so hair follicles can remain healthy and capable of growing new hair.

Hair Loss Product Options

• Prescriptions – Men suffering from male pattern baldness often start their search for a treatment by looking at the prescription options a doctor can provide. Prescription hair loss product options fight DHT production by controlling the amount of testosterone that a man's body can produce. While this solution can stop hair loss and help new hair grow, it does so while creating undesirable sexual side effects for many men.

• Foams or Shampoos – Chemical foam or shampoo solutions are often used by men interested in encouraging new hair growth without prescription drugs. Foams work by stopping DHT that gets to the scalp from binding to hair follicles and causing hair loss. Foams are successful for many of the men who try them, though they often cause hair texture or color changes that look odd with the original hair that is still present. There are foams available that use natural ingredients that are less harsh than chemicals and have shown comparable results.

• Supplements – Natural supplements stand out as one of the better options for stopping male pattern baldness without unexpected side effects. Natural hair loss product options like supplements use herbal ingredients to stop DHT without changing the amount of testosterone a man's body produces at all. Some supplements also block DHT in the scalp through a method similar to chemical foams without the risk of hair color or texture changes.

Many different hair loss product options can help a man dealing with male pattern baldness reverse hair loss and while making the existing hair more full, but herbal supplements stand out as the best first line of defense. Since herbal supplements are side effect free, they provide the benefits of a full head of hair without potential drawbacks. An herbal hair loss solution in combination with a natural shampoo have been favorable to have the best results with no side effects.

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