Hair transplantation can be simply explained as surgical procedure wherein patch of hair follicles from one body part known as donor site is transplanted to a bald patch known as recipient site. Hair transplant in Ankara is done with great efficiency and have shown great satisfying results.


Prognosis of these procedure depends on the lifestyle and situation of patients, rate of healing and growth depends patient to patient. After the surgery hair flows a normal pattern as per which they fall off in two or three weeks’ time and the transplanted follicle continues to grow hair.Mostly all patients are able to see increased coverage and density six months after surgery. However it may take a year to show full regrowth.

Results of Hair transplant Ankara

You will find many specialist who has been practicing in Ankara for many yearsas qualified hair transplant specialist. Result of these have been very positive. Prognosis usually is high. Patient within a period of six months can experience the effect.

Some care from patients side are expected to improve the prognosis-

-    Daily change of dressing of would.

-    Protection from sunlight

-    Proper cleansing to prevent scab formation in areas near the hair shaft.

Various other transplant have been initialed to increase the prognosis.

-    In case of an exhausted hair follicle at donor site, body transplants are used to help to get back esthetics. Prognosis percentage though less than FUE transplants but still are satisfactory ranging from 65% - 90%.

-    FUE transplants or follicular unit extraction is a surgical process where in a single follicle containing 3-5hair is taken from donor site and transplanted to recipient side with much damage to donor site. This is expected to give results that are natural leaving no scars on donor site.

Results of improper Hair transplant

Many at times due to improper or bad hair transplant give a very unaesthetic and unappealing look to the patient. This creates a huge impact on professional, personal or social life the patient. These are general an outcome from poor technique, inexperience practitioners or improper planning on their parts. We also carry out these hair transplant corrections. We have a long standing experience in correcting these bad hair transplant in our clinic in Akara. We understand the importance of high esthetic appeal demand of the patients. We aim to restore back patient’s natural hair line by various techniques like

-    FUE hair transplant
After hair transplant at times scars are formed at donor sites thus leaving improper hair line. Follicular unit extraction is great solution to this problem and have shown promising results.

-    Micro excisional graft removal
The plan in this technique is to remove the improper graft divide it in smaller units and graft them in most out of places.

Our expertise expand to body hair transplants wherein hair follicles from beard, chest hair are taken for transplant, when a hard follicles are destroyed. In a similar manner beard hair is also used to cover any scar formed. We have years of experience in this modality of hair transplants and have seen many excellent body hairline transplant results.

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