So many of us have spent the last several years falling in love with Harry, Ron, and Hermione. What they have brought to the screen has been magic, no pun intended. But beyond being great little actors, what is behind the lines and robes? Who are these people? What we tend to forget is that Daniel, Rupert, and Emma are real people who lead lives just as we do. Not everything is as it seems in front of the camera.
Daniel Radcliffe will always be best known for his role as Harry Potter. He scored the part after auditioning, of course, but it had been pointed out to his mother that he could be Harry Potter himself. His parents were against him auditioning for the part, but he was signed for two movies and ended up doing them all! Lucky us! Along the way, he has appeared in some other films and has more on his plate for the near future.
One thing that is good to understand is that Daniel has experienced much of life that many of us, or our children have. He has been bullied. You would think that a young movie star would be idolized when he returned to school, but that was not the case. He was picked on so severely that he ultimately moved to having tutors on the set for four hours a day to meet guidelines. He is also very charitable being involved with a couple of organizations, one of which awarded him their “Hero Award” for his participation. Alcohol abuse has been no stranger to Daniel either, but he had the strength to recognize his dependence and stop before it became a problem.
Being the eldest of five children, Rupert Grint has always been into performing. However, he had only held one real role in a school play and had participated in a theater group when he auditioned for the part of Ron Weasley in Harry Potter. He has had positive reviews about a great up and coming career.
School was never his strong suit, but he did work hard at it even while on the sets, until he was 16 when he left to concentrate on his acting. He may not have had the bullying, but he definitely felt he wasn’t very good at it.
As a person, he now owns a milktruck, of all things. One of those random fantasies come true for him. He is also a part of some charitable causes and auctions off artwork for Keech Hospice Care on eBay. If you wondered if the fear on his face during the spider scenes was real, it was. He is an insane arachnophobe. He said that although many of the small spiders were computer generated, Aragog was not and it scared him to death.
Being conscious of her style, Emma Watson possesses a certain grace that sets her apart from other young actresses. She was six years old when she knew she wanted to be an actress and studied at an Oxford branch of theater for a number of years. Her teacher referred her for the audition as Hermione Granger in the movie Harry Potter. But she is not one who wants to remain labeled that sort of character. Emma wants to get out there and play every role from every perspective. She is well on her way having accepted roles in a handful of different movies.
Excelling in her studies was important to her and she ultimately finished primary and secondary schools to move onto Brown University.
Aside from movies, she involves herself in some clothing line projects and her charity of choice. She shies away from Hollywood where she feels the pressure of being perfect is too great. Emma appreciates the diversity of imperfection. That is a golden trait to display.
All three actors have developed friendships that will last their lifetime and look forward to their futures. There is lots of great info on movies like Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and actresses such as Emma Watson online.

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