One vital quality of a good dissertation paper is appropriate formatting and referencing of sources. When it comes to styles of referencing, there is a wide range of option to choose from when writing your dissertation. One of these styles is the Harvard referencing style. When writing Harvard style papers there two key things to remember. One is to cite sources inside text where ideas from an external source has been used and second is to include a work cited page at the end of the Harvard style papers.
Referencing sources inside texts of Harvard style papers requires use of parenthetical method of citation. Under this method, the surname of the author of the source material and the material’s date of publication are enclosed in a parenthesis and placed at the end of the sentence containing ideas from that source. However, in the process of writing your Harvard style papers you may come across a source material which proves difficult to identify the author. In such a case, the title of the material replaces the authors surname in the parenthesis.
You may also cite materials having more than three authors in your Harvard style papers by including the surname of one author followed by “et al” in the parenthesis. After you have done the citations satisfactorily then the second step is to ensure that all the sources cited inside text are reflected in the list of references usually located at the back of Harvard style papers. Full bibliographic information of materials cited inside text of Harvard style papers is provided in this page. These include the name of the author, the date of publication, title of the material and place of publication or the date of access and URL incase of an electronic material. It is important to note that only sources cited inside text should be referenced in the work cited page. Also remember to arrange all bibliographic entries in alphabetical order and to indent each entry using the hanging indent.
Apart from rules concerning referencing, Harvard style papers also observe other rules that concerns general academic writing. Some of these rules include ensuring use of correct grammar and spelling. Many students commit spelling and grammatical error when writing their Harvard style dissertations and other types of Harvard style papers. These grammatical and spelling mistakes can easily change what you intended to communicate or drastically reduce the quality of your papers. Best Harvard style papers also need to be original and non-plagiarized. Students should be creative when writing their dissertations and other papers and ensure that they present information and knowledge that is authentic. Committing plagiarism is unethical and will not only show signs of no commitment to your work but will also damage your reputation. When stranded with your Harvard style papers writing assignment consider purchasing professionally written papers rather than risking your grades by presenting copy and paste materials.
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