Portland, the largest city in Oregon, was founded in 1845. The city is famous for beautiful parks that offer awe-inspiring landscapes. It also has a rich art culture that enhances the whole travel-experience while vacationing in the city. Book cheap flights to Portland Oregon and explore its stunning parks.

Formerly known as ‘the Clearing’, Portland was established when two men rowed their canoe to the bank of Willamette River. The beautiful mountains and scenic vistas convinced the men named William Overton and Asa Lovejoy to claim the land and start settlement here. With emphasis on sustainability, this city has maintained its cultural diversity and natural landscape. On your next trip, book a few plane tickets to Portland Oregon and breathe the fresh air of one of the greenest cities in America.

Portland Japanese Garden: Located at Washington Park, in the West Hills, Portland Japanese Garden is a traditional Japanese garden that occupies more than 9 acres of land area. The park is beautifully designed by the talented Japanese landscape architect, Takuma Tono; who worked hard to make sure that the design of the gardens bore a close resemblance to the gardens found in Japan.

The garden has winding waterfalls, bright colorful trees and flowers, sand & stone gardens, tea garden and pagodas. This garden offers a peaceful environment to visitors who often come here to unwind and rejuvenate.

International Rose Test Garden: Portland is also referred to as the ‘City of Roses’ and this garden has contributed much to this nickname. During World War I, a farsighted man convinced the government to reserve a park area that’s dedicated towards preserving different specimens of the European rose; lest they go extinct during the war.

Hence, in 1917 a rose garden sprang to life housing about 550 species of roses from around the world. There is a different area in the garden known as the Gold Medal Garden that comprises of award winning plants and a charming little gazebo.

Although the garden is open to public throughout the year; the best time for a visit is during the month of June when the flowers grow in all their glory. As gorgeous as the garden looks at this time, it’s no wonder that this place is flocked by visitors. Without further ado, book airline tickets and spend a day discovering these scented beauties.

Lan Su Chinese Garden: Located in the city’s historic Chinatown area, this exquisite garden was built by skilled artisans from Suzhou. The garden opened its gates to the public in 2000. It has a spectacular architecture of sequenced columned walls with beautiful pavilions, bridges and covered pathways and man-made lake called Zither that is lined with verdant plants.

The garden also has a cozy tea-house that serves herbal tea to help visitors rejuvenate in the tranquility of the garden. Book flights to Portland Oregon and enjoy the serenity of the Lan Su Chinese Garden.

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