CRO or conversion rate optimization refers to a structured and systematic approach to enhance the performance of your website. The process is all about leveraging the website traffic to benefit your business. It may include anything from changing the color of a CTA button to personalization. The main aim of the process is to boost the conversion rates exponentially. Here are the best practices to boost your website’s CRO.

Keep your website design simple:

When it comes to website design, simplicity seems to be the best policy. Simplicity here means to keep the most frequently searched content easily accessible and make navigation easy. For this, it’s important to identify such areas on web pages that hinder website conversions. This can be done with the help of visitor behavior analysis tools like heatmaps, form analyzer and so on.

Create multiple variants of landing pages:

It is advisable to create multiple variations of landing pages. Each variant can be segmented for each section of your target audience that showcase tailored offers to the visitors. This practice makes the already effective landing pages more effective and helps boost CRO.

Leverage split testing:

This is yet another powerful way of boosting your website’s conversion rate optimization. Instead of blindly following what other businesses are doing, it’s advisable to find out what works best for your business. So, consider using an efficacious split testing software in place and start a series of test on every aspect of your website.

Put up personalized content:

It won’t be wrong to say that personalization is in vogue these days. In order to meet customers’ sky high expectations today, you need to put up content that website visitors can relate with on an emotional level. Personalization in content and email eventually triggers the users to help fulfill your ultimate calls to action.

Optimize product pages:

This is an inevitable part of CRO. Consider beefing up your product pages with high quality product images, product videos and so on. Product page optimization is all about choosing the right colors, including the best call to action and laboring over your layout.

Offer live chat:

Being there for your customers whenever they need you helps reduce website bounce rates and encourages them to effectively make purchases. Live chat can helps businesses to identify issues that people face within the conversion funnel and proactively resolve them in real time.

So, making the most out of all these strategies can effectively boost your website’s CRO like never before!


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