Hockey game basically refers to a group of games where the players of two opposing teams try to make a puck get into the goal of the opponent by maneuvering it by the use of a hockey stick. There are two main types of hockey commonly played. These include the field hockey and ice hockey. Both of them are generally referred to as hockey in their popular countries. Other types of hockey games include inline hockey, roller hockey, street hockey and sledge hockey.

The word hockey is possibly derived from the word hooked, middle French word which means a shepherd’s stave. It possibly took that name from the nature of the hockey sticks used to play the game. A popular hockey sport played on ice is the match de hockey sur glace (ice hockey game). Ice hockey is played by skaters, who use wood ice hockey sticks to hit a rubber puck and maneuver it towards the opponents net. The game is played ice by six players of six teams each. There are usually three forwards in four lines, threedefensemen pairs and two goalkeepers. The goalie stays at the goal area while the remaining five members skate across the ice pushing the puck towards the opponent’s goal. The aim of the goal defender is to prevent the puck from getting into the net. The game is a full body contact match and hence injury is inevitable. The players are supposed to wear protective clothing during the game and are also advised to play ethically.

Ice hockey is popular in naturally cold areas such as Europe and America where there is a reliable cover of ice.The game actually gets its name from the fact that it is played on ice. Initially, this fast paced game was seasonal due to the seasonal availability of ice. However, with improvements in technology, indoor ice rinks make it possible to play ice hockey throughout the year and even in countries where ice is a problem.The earliest internal hockey arena is the Boston Mathew arena which was built in 1910 A popular Ligue hockey (hockey league) known as the national hockey league is usually the highest level in which men's hockey championship race in America. Women participate in the western woman's hockey league at the highest ice hockey level in America. Professional hockey has been in existence since the beginning of the 20th century. Canada was the first country to host professional ice hockey by around 1902 and has seen the game growth professionally since then.

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