Cucumbers serve as home remedies for bags under the eyes. Use raw and chilled cucumbers for better results. You can refrigerate cucumbers for some hours and then simply cut them in slice and place on affected area. You are now done with home remedy for under eye bags!

Potatoes are also best way to get rid of bags under the eyes. They serve as homemade remedies for puffiness under the eyes. Potatoes contain catecholase that help in toning the skin under the eyes.

Chamomile tea bags immersed in lukewarm water acts as anti inflammatory and skin toning agent. Said this, this is the best home remedy for bags under the eyes . Try this home remedy -take a cup full of lukewarm water and place some chamomile teabags. Once the water gets self-cooled take cotton balls and soak them in the solution for a minute or two. You can then put these cotton bags onto affected areas to cure them.

Vitamins and minerals help toning the skin and hence serve as effective home remedies for bags under the eyes . Vitamin E has good effects on crease under the eyes. Take vitamin E supplements regularly after consulting your health care provider for the dosage. This helps ironing the crease under the eyes and make you youthful looking.

Get enough sleep. This is very important to get rid of bags under the eyes and also the dark circles. The skin around eyes gets stressed due to lack of sleep (insomnia). Proper sleep and care of eyes make them looking young and attractive.

Of the many problems becoming bigger in the world are bed sores. Most people find the name of bed sores, a little confusing. The name was given to this problem for the people who spent most part of their life on bed either conscious or unconscious; and had to lie on the same place for a long duration. Mostly people who are unable to feel the pain or move can get bed sores. Hence, the reason behind bed sores is now obvious.

Sitting on the wheelchair for long period of time or lying in bed for too much time can get bed sores. However, it is uncommon for a person to get bed sores if he spends few hours sitting on the same place. Before bed sores, a lot of pain is felt in the butt and legs region and forces a normal person to change the place of sitting.

Fantastic Four Bed Sores Home Remedies

* One of the good home remedies for bed sores includes the use of milk of magnesia. When milk of magnesia is mixed with iodine and left for about thirty minutes to settle; it is applied on the bed sores many times a day. After some days, the bed sores will heal.

* Mixing honey and sugar and applying the mixture on bed sores also allow the healing.

* Mix either in a blender or bowl, one tablespoon of rhubarb juice with two tablespoons of honey. It is better to mix in a blender. Some flour can also be added to the mixture to thicken it up a little. Apply this mixture on the bed sores and make sure that the wound is covered with a bandage-don't forget to change the bandage regularly.

* One of the effective home remedies for bed sores includes cleaning the area of bed sores. After this apply some cream of aloe vera or calendula. The application of cream should be done once or twice a day depending upon the severity of bed sores. This cream will not only soothe the sores but also help them heal.

Health Experts' choice of Homemade Remedies for Bed Sores

* Another of the home remedies for bed sores involves using Lysol. Take some Lysol in a bottle and spray the liquid over the area where there are bed sores. This will kill all the germs which are infecting the area around bed sores and increase the process of healing.

* Diet full of zinc and vitamin C is also good for speeding up the process of healing the bed sores. Foods rich in protein also protect the tissues from any disorders. Before recommending zinc and vitamin C to the patient, the doctor should understand his or her level of nutrition and the reasons which have led the patient to be bedridden.

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