A great degree of relief is obtained from the vexing symptoms through home remedies for chicken pox; also any viruses are cured in no time. Before opting for natural remedies for chicken pox, you need to have a good knowledge of what is a virus and what are the symptoms or initial indications of a virus; only then you can go begin on the journey to exploring home cures for chicken pox, which can be easily and safely practiced.

Quick Home Remedies for Chicken Pox

* Brown vinegar provides an outstanding cure for chicken pox. You only need to add half a cup of vinegar in moderately warm water. It will not only reduce discomfort, but also allow the wounds to heal.

* Mix two tablespoons of marigold flowers and a teaspoon of hazel leaves in a glass of water. Let them soak nightlong. In the morn, mash it and gently apply the mixture on the affected area. Much of the itching would be relieved.

* Add a cup of water in a pan and put some green peas in it. Put it on high flame and let it boil. When boiled, filter out the water and apply it on the rash mildly. This would help in lessening itching and irritation.

* For the treatment of chicken pox, sandalwood has proved to be quite effective. The daily application of oil on the rashes will prevent the pocks from leaving permanent marks on the skin.

* Application of a layer of honey on the rashes will not only lessen the irritation, but also cause the rashes to heal.

* Crush oatmeal into powder form and add two cups of it to bathwater. For best results, add ½ cup of baking soda to the bathwater. This would heal the lesions.

* Coriander soup and carrot have proved to be effective in the treatment of chicken pox. Take approximately sixty grams of coriander leaves and a hundred grams of carrots and chop them well. Boil it for sometime. Strain it and let it cool for a while; drink the mixture one time in a day.

Some more easy home remedies for chicken pox

* In your bathwater, add a couple of fresh neem leaves. This would cause a soothing effect to your irritation.

* Vitamin E is considered as a good cure for chicken pox. If you apply the oil of vitamin E on the rashes, it will not only diminish the scars, but also relieve your itchiness.

* Use lemon balm, chamomile, marigold and basil to prepare a tea. Its healing ability would be enhanced by adding a bit of lemon juice, honey and cinnamon. For improved results, this tea should be sipped a couple of times everyday.

* Add one teaspoon of coltsfoot leaves, two tablespoons of queen of the meadow and two teaspoons of marigold in two cups of water. Allow the mixture to boil. After twenty minutes, strain it properly. Cool it and consume it once everyday.

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