The infection may cause the anywhere in the ear, by which if it affects the middle of the ear then it may be due to cold and cold headache too, it may block the Eustachian tube by air pressure and you may suffer from pain. The infection may cause to the children also. If you get infection for some people it pains and for some there will not be any pain t differs. The best remedy for that is go for a antibiotics for that also you have to wait for 10 days or more. It might get rid of automatically without any treatment. But after that if it resists then you may go to a doctor, or take pain killer.

Home Remedies for Clogged Ears

Squirm your Ear Gently

Before giving the remedy you have to test whether the middle of the ear or swimmer ear has got infected. Hold your outer ear and gently rub without pain. If there is no pain that probably your middle ear has got infected, and if the outer ear causes pain then the outer ear canal has got affected.

Sitting Straight

But here are some of the remedies which can be done from your home which are like you have to sit up for a few minutes straight which will decrease the swelling and starts your Eustachian tube drain. By swallowing also it may reduce the pain. When it sleep you have to slight put your head up and sleep then also there are possibilities for the infection to get rid of.

Drinking a Liquid

When you’re drinking something you need to swallow while drinking by that time also there will be relief in pain because when you swallow something the Eustachian tube gets open and the infection may get drained. During this type of treatment you may feel less pain.

Ointment reduces pain
You can also take a Vicks VapoRub and apply on the back of the ear and gently rub or massage it, will make to reduce the pain.

Hair Dryer and Bubble Gum

Blow a air from the Hair dryer which makes you feel comfortable from a clogged ear, but make sure that the air is not hot it should be warm only. Another method is chewing a Bubble gum and yarn after that, it will also relieve from the clogged ear.

Sometimes a cold might be causing an ear pain and a clog in the ear. This will be caused in the Eustachian tube that runs between the middle of the ears and back of the nose. This will usually go away as the cold goes. However you can try to chew, yawning or swallow to open up the Eustachian tubes.


You can try using a decongestant to get rid of this problem however; the usage should not be for more than few days. You can also use topical steroids. Also, usage of ventilation tubes, when it is severe can be used to drain the fluid and to relieve the pressure caused due to clogged ears.

Go Herbal

Garlic and mullein oils are recommended commonly for clogged ears by herbalists.

Leave Smoking

Smoking can be injurious for both the active and passive smokers. Smoking can litter the air and can cause to pollute the air and make people prone to ear infections and clogged ears. So quitting smoking would be a remedy.
When it comes to children who have clogged ears it might be a result of the day care they are into. The day care can have too many children and hence the kids can come in contact with bugs that might cause the ear infection and clogged ears.

Choosing a day care with less children or an atmosphere like that of a home would be the remedy for this.
Breast feeding has also been a remedy to clogged ears in infants. There are many studies that has proved that breast feeding prevents infection in babies.

Onion Cure

This is a simple remedy from the kitchen. You have to cut onion in such a way that the half cut onion will have concentric circles. Heat this to a 350 F and when it cools to a temperature that is bearable you can place it over the area when you sense ear pain.

Apart from these remedies, those people who always have clogged ears due to air travel, avoid air travel during an infection and do not sleep during the descent of the plane so that your ears don’t get clogged.

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