A decade ago VoIP was just another futuristic concept and in just a few years time industry has become one of the fastest rising industry in world with projected numbers reaching over $30 billion by 2015 with users totaling to nearly 200 million both for residential and business application. The sudden growth paved way for numerous providers across the world which turned to both beneficial and troublesome for new VoIP aficionados.

Beneficial in a sense that the sheer number of providers introduced a sense of competition developing the technology even further and opening doors for a much reasonable price range and packages. Troublesome in way that it can confuse you which provider to settle with. To aid you here is a quick overview of the essential considerations you should always keep in mind.

Meeting your Expectations – Your provider must meet the expectation that they have set on you, this means the provider must only give plausible solutions and truthful details. Hosted PBX systems are not a magic but rather a technological innovation this suggest that the system is not perfect and your provider must stipulate this clearly including the drawbacks like broadband dependence and vulnerability to power outage.

Deployment Details – Although it is true that hosted PBX systems are far cheaper and faster to deploy there are still a number of considerations to keep in mind which the provider must inform you. First of all it can never be transitioned overnight especially if you wish to port out your existing number and route it over to VoIP services. Shifting a phone number from a traditional carrier to VoIP is a very difficult task and can involve extra charges which should be discussed on your initial inquiry and not during your transition to VoIP and when you have settled your first payment leaving you with no room for options.

Furthermore porting a phone number will take time, be skeptical if a provider says that it can be done within a matter of 2 to 3 days they are just using it as a catch to close a deal and you might end up frustrated how long the process could take.

Flexibility of terms and conditions – Hosted PBX system and other VoIP services does not require huge investments on the providers end giving them no reason to impose lock in periods or long term contracts, subscribers should be offered a completely flexible plan which enables you to add and or remove features depending on your needs.

When the above considerations are fulfilled by a service provider then you got yourself a trust worthy company which will allow you to wield all the benefits of VoIP services.

Author's Bio: 

David Clarkson is a well versed telecommunication engineer with years of background in the industry, In his experience the demand of structuring internal and external communications for small to large scale businesses was perfectly solved by Hosted PBX technology and has recommended it since then.