Rewards points were introduced by the credit card companies to encourage its customers to use their credit cards for day to day expenses. Credit card companies mostly earn through an interchange fee from the merchant which varies from 1% to 2.5%. Besides the interchange fee, credit card companies earn through annual fee and interest on unpaid bills. They share the part of their earnings with card holders through reward points in order to inspire them for using their cards frequently. Higher purchases earns you substantially higher reward points, whereas, lower value purchases earns you lower reward points. For instance, if you purchase flight tickets with your credit card then you’ll earn higher reward points as compared to what you’ll earn on grocery shopping. Accumulated reward points can be later redeemed for a host of benefits, air miles, shopping vouchers, cashbacks, annual fee reversal, etc. available on the redemption catalogue of the website. However, if not redeemed on time, these reward points may also expire. The number of reward points earned depends upon the amount involved, where transaction has been done and which card has been used. If you love getting rewards for every purchase you make, then you’ll love HDFC Bank credit cards as it makes your shopping experience truly rewarding through MyRewards feature which is the best in class credit cards rewards program. With HDFC credit cards, you can avail higher benefits and higher rewards for every purchase you make by swiping your card. Here’s how you can redeem your accumulated reward points on your HDFC credit card:

Once a credit card holder has accumulated sufficient amount of reward points, then it can be redeemed for a plethora of benefits and gift options offered by HDFC. When it comes to redeeming credit card reward points, HDFC Bank offers you a host of categories to choose from including entertainment, travel, lifestyle, etc. Considering that not everyone makes high-value purchases using their credit card, HDFC offers discount and cashback vouchers which can be used at online as well as offline retail stores. HDFC rewards catalogue also include household products, airline miles, offers on travel bookings, free movie ticket vouchers and much more. Here are the easy steps of online redemption:

1.Login to HDFC net banking and click on credit cards tab on the top.

2.Register your HDFC credit card by clicking on “Register New card” under the credit cards section. In order to complete the registration process, you will need to enter the 4 digit credit card PIN.

3.After registering your card, click on “Redeem Reward Points” link present on left hand side navigation bar. Select your credit card and click “Continue” to visit the online redemption portal.

4.Select the desired items from the available reward catalogue, click on “View shopping cart” to see the selected items for redemption. If you wish to remove or add any item then you can click on “Edit” to do so.

5.Please read the Terms and Conditions before redeeming your items. Click “check box” for confirming the checked items. Items will get delivered on your registered postal address. In case of any discrepancy, do not proceed with the redemption and call the customer care to resolve the issue.

6.Click on “Redeem” to confirm the redemption process. Do note down the redemption order number which has been generated.

Through HDFC Reward points, you can also buy products by partly paying for the products through redemption of reward points through credit card. This option can be availed for selected products called as FasTrac items which are listed on rewards catalogue. Rewards points will be debited for the relevant pay amount.

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