Heaviness of any PST file of Outlook, not just make the speed slower and hampers the works but there will a risk of data lost or corruption, if the file exceeds its allotted space. Mainly, in ANSI PST file format this problem persists, as it has the size limitation for 2 GB. On contrary, in UNICODE PST files, the increasing size of PST file causes hampering.
All these raise the question for how do I reduce the size of my Outlook PST file? For any user it is not at all bearable to lose the data which he /she have saved from such a long period of time. Thus, compress PST file is program, which has the excellence to reduce the size of PST file in Outlook.
Strategy of Compress PST File to Reduce Size of Outlook PST File!
While you need to reduce the size of your PST files, the compress PST file software works on the principle to extraction of attachments from emails in Outlook, which acquires most of space of your PST file. Thus, removal of such attachment from every email in PST file of Outlook is a perfect way to reduce the size of Outlook PST file.
Program to Reduce Size of Outlook PST File – Compress PST Tool!
If PST compress is what you wanted to go along into order to reduce the size of your PST files then compress PST tool sis meant for you. It o is a program or desktop utility for all windows users, who have a heavy PST file. The software reduces the size of Outlook PST file size by extracting the attachments of emails.
Posses there separate way to detach the attachments in emails for the reduction of Outlook PST files size:
Extract and remove the attachments: When you choose this option, it is necessary to make sure that you want to permanently delete the attachments into the emails.
Extraction along with saving of File: You can extract the attachment from the emails and save them to any of the desirable location as per your choice. This will create a backup for the attachments.
Create Zip for every attachment after Extraction: In this option the software although extract the attachments but create a zip file for all the folders present in attachments.
This tool will be proved as one of the best solution for your doubt about how do I reduce the size of my Outlook PST file? Apart these ways, compress PST tool is a complete utility, which ensures you about making zero amendments into the original data. Also, there will be no loss of data while reduce size of your Outlook PST file in Outlook.
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Move one more step ahead, we are presenting one such tool which reduce size of PST file in Outlook extensively. Purposely designed for the PST management, compress PST is the solution created to manage work much easily now.