It is often that we make decisions which are not going to be popular with our friends and family. Usually one will think that his family and friends would accept any of his decisions and support him into them without arguing or throwing any blame on him.
But that is only what we expect and not what we find in the end. It becomes clear that our expectations are not always the way things are going to happen and we fall in disappointment of people who are closest to us.
The way we see is it is that our decisions are not going to have any effect on anyone because at the end they are personal decisions. A change of career or a proposal seems to be most personal and they are far away from affecting anyone negatively.

But that is not always the case. A simple change in career – as personal as it sounds – may not be that personal. For example, if you were a head of a department and decided that it is time you start working on something else that does not involve too much responsibility, it might seem very personal and much easier, yet there are people who would look at it from a different perspective. A friend who needs you to help them around in the same field will always be disappointed if you left the field for any reason, but eventually, you will have to convince them.
Yes, you don't have to convince anyone with a personal decision that you believe is most suitable for you, but to avoid the disappointment you might bring unto others, you may as well convince them and show them the reasons that support your belief. Even if you had no reason and just had a feeling that your decision is what suits you the most then you should tell them to accept your decisions because those who will not eventually accept the decisions that are not supposed to affect them do not care for you as much, or care too much that they see things from a different point of view to you.

But there are other sides of this point. Those who are closest to you and are proudest of you will tend to preview you not only as a person, but rather a figure. People who are blessed with too much fame and criticism tend to fail in making everybody happy, but we never hear too much of a celebrity's personal life, nor do we care to know.
If you make a decision to change from one job to another, or a decision that would stay with you for the remainder of your life, there will always be people who will fight against your decision, not out of hatred or anger, but rather out of the believe that you are better at this spot rather than that.
It's difficult to please everyone. The amount of convincing one does to the people whom he cares for tends to increase with the amount of successes. The risks you take will always be frowned upon, especially in your little circles of family and friends, yet you cannot change that. Even those who are easily convinced and those whom you talk to through your decisions will not always smile and take it full heartedly, yet there are those who will begin throwing blames on you.

Although you should never back away from convincing those you care for with your decisions, sometimes it is just better off if they have seen the conclusion themselves because not everybody will listen and see from the same perspective.
In the end, the most important thing is to do the thing which you believe in rather than things that would please others. You should listen to advice and see things from different perspectives, yet you should always do what you see most fitting for yourself.

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