I’ve shared with you how ignoring my intuition got me sick, hurt, and heart-broken…

I want to share how listening to my intuition saved my life!

Paying attention and listening to your inner voice can save YOUR life. That has been the truth of my own life-changing experience.


The energy, mystery and yes, even fear that surrounded December 21st 2012 was palpable. I would get emails and questions during my intuitive readings and classes I taught.

Some were aching to be lifted from this earth school life and “ascend” and others in plain terror of the unknown.

My view was that each of us would go through our own shifts our own changes according to our awareness AND intentions. In no way did I believe that the “end” was near, however I know that learning to trust our intuition is of great importance during the years to come.

On that early morning in December my Mami and I discussed that neither of us felt too great about the trip we had planned to Georgia.

As we both headed for the car in the wee hours of all of 4:00 am…she said, "I’ll pray everything works out.” I said, “I’ll place reiki heaing/protective energy around each of us and the car.”

Before jumping into the car I headed back inside and pulled a gift from my friend, Nicole Marie. The day before I left NYC she ran to meet me and gave me a Hindu Goddess Durga medal that was blessed at a Hindu Temple. I grabbed it and put it around my neck, thinking…"I need some strength today.”

After three hours of driving and a rest stop, we loaded up again. Three family cars journeyed to our vacation spot, my brother and his family in the front. My parents and I were in the middle car, with my brother and his fiancée behind us.

As I dozed off in the back seat I internally heard (clairaudience) a series of directions.

“Ask your parents about their seatbelts.” I did and my Mami put hers on.

“Take off your metal bracelet. It will hurt your wrist.” I slipped it off and put it away.

I wanted some rest and had my legs stretched perpendicularly to each other in the back seat.

I heard, "move your legs so when something bad happens, you won’t break your back."

I immediately moved and sat behind the front passenger seat.

“Sit up straight.” I did as I internally whined…I want to sleep…

Minutes later the tire burst, we pulled off the road and I opened my eyes to see our car heading towards a huge truck!

Stunned that I felt more whole than ever before in the center of this storm. My curious self still asking...Soul answering.

Me: "Is this the way it ends this time around?"
"No it doesn't end this way."
Me: "Is this what it feels like to die?"
"No, you will be fine. You will be okay."

My dad veered away from the truck and the car fell off the road, flipped twice and then hit a metal divider that essentially stopped us.

The whole time I pressed myself into the seat and flipped with the car. As we landed upside down I looked up at my parents in their seat belts.

We were alive!

I can't even begin to imagine what would've happened if my mom didn't have her seat belt on
or if I had not listened. I am so grateful that by listening to my intuition I am alive, healthy and
my body is intact.

Developing and living an intuition-led life has literally saved my life.

Ever since that accident…the annoying things life seem minor.

My fears seem smaller.

My life fuller and my desire to share what I know to be true, without a doubt…stronger.

Please listen. Please listen. Please LISTEN. It may be about a job, a relationship, an illness or simply "move your legs so you don't break your back."

Please LISTEN and take ACTION.

Learn to heed your intuitive guidance.

Author's Bio: 

Intuitive Transformation Coach. This urban priestess, writer and healer is one of NYC’s best kept secrets. Steeped in her Latin American heritage, she has studied global metaphysical/spiritual traditions. As the founder of MuzeWorks, she works with clients who are consciously transforming their lives by awakening to their truest SELF! Her authentic development process includes: intuitive readings, hypnosis, past life regression, Reiki, energy balancing, magnified healing & the arts. MuzeWorks offers workshops and services that inspire, inform & empower thru practical techniques for a spirit-centered life. Faculty member at REVEAL and a Leadership Empowerment facilitator for BALI