How men response sexually is a matter that is more useful for women to know, since the women have to know what to do to please the male partner. Men can also take advantage of the details mentioned here since they can make their female partner aware of the acts that please them more. Men can openly teach their female partner what to do and how to do. This ensures that the woman also taking active part in bed to please her male partner.

Many women do a mistake that they do not have to play an active role in bed. They consider that to please them is the sole responsibility of the male partner. Of course, nature has made the man to take more active part during the intimate act, but females also have some responsibility in bed as they have to do all possible things that increase the pleasure of their male partner. They should know exactly how men response sexually to work accordingly that could please the male partner as much as possible. The return can be beneficial for the female partner too. When men response positively to some sensual stimulation, they invariably turn to the female partner to satisfy their high arousal sate, and what they do to satisfy themselves is something that rewards the female partner more. Women should realize that a dull and weak male approach never satisfies them; on the contrary, an energetic and sensual advancement by men can drive them crazy.

How men response sexually is something that cannot remain a secret if a woman tries to pay little attention while in bed. Nature has programmed men to 'heat up' fast and with little stimulation, which is not the case with women who need more stimulation. This goes much in favor of the female side as they would have to do very little to arouse a man sensually. It is not untrue to say that a man is almost always ready to engage in a sensual act.

The female has to assume some more responsibilities in some cases; such as if the male has some disorders, lives a stressful life due to workload or financial difficulties, exhausted, or disturbed. In such cases, if the female partner knows how men response sexually, she will be able to work tactfully to arouse the partner so that he can become more energetic and perform lively.

Men's sexual response may differ slightly from case to case, but the usual working areas or 'sex points' will remain the same in many cases. If the female partner pays attention during the closer intimacy with a male, she will have no difficulty in find the more and most sensual points of her male partner. Due to the fact that man is more open to express his feelings or sexual responses in bed, her work will not be difficult. Once she works on those points, male’s arousal state can get the required boost that benefits very much the female partner too.

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