Most Frequently Asked Questions About Neti Pot Use

The most frequently asked question to us here at Baraka is: how often should I use my neti pot to do nasal rinsing? The answer, although simple, may not be easy for most people:

Listen to your body.

In a culture that trusts science over the wisdom of the body, we have not developed an ability to listen to our bodies.

Nasal rinsing may be a simple way to begin doing this.

Listening to your body – my aunt’s story

I have an aunt who lives in Ohio. She first began nasal rinsing every day in the humid summer months to help her allergies and had great success.

She continued this same routine into the winter. Winters in Ohio can be very dry due to heaters and frigid temperatures, and she began to notice that her nose felt irritated. Because salt is drying, she needed to reduce how often she rinsed.

Then on New Year’s she got sick. She called me one day very sad because she felt she couldn’t rinse to clear her cold. I told her now that she had excess mucous in her system, rinsing would not irritate her. And it didn’t!

Your body is different from anyone else’s

The climate can affect how our bodies respond to nasal rinsing. So can our bodies own unique constitution.
Some people are naturally moist. They have oily skin and retain excess fluid. If you’re one of them, you might benefit from daily rinsing. Other people are dry – they have dry skin and hair and easily dehydrate. If this is you, watch that you don’t dry out your nasal passages by nasal rinsing too often.

You might be a combination of the two – sometimes moist and sometimes dry. Again, listen to what’s happening in your body and adjust your nasal rinsing schedule accordingly.

Your body will tell you exactly what it needs!

All you have to do is listen.

At first, you may be too impatient to do this. We all have busy lives and just want to heal whatever ails us quickly.
However, it’s becoming clearer that our “one-size-fits-all” medical model is failing us. Now, more than ever, we need to tune into our bodies. We need to know what works and what doesn’t – for us. Learn how to use a neti pot to remedy sinus congestion from allergies, colds and flu and ward off sinus pain and sinus headaches. Learn more:

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