For women considering buying hair extensions the biggest concern is typically how natural the extension is going to look in their hair. Pre bonded hair extensions are

the preferred extensions of hairdressers around the world because they are known to be the most natural looking of all hair extensions. Pre bonded extensions are

popular for many other reasons as well. They typically last longer than any other extension and are semi-permanent. Top quality pre bonded extensions can also be styled

and cared for just like your real hair. So just how are pre bonded extensions applied to your hair?

The very best pre bonded hair extensions are made with 100% real remy certified human hair that is sourced

from reputable sources. Many cheaply made “real hair” extensions are made with synthetic hair blends and some are even made with hair coming from up to 5 different

donors. This makes them look unnatural in your hair and will not react the same way to styling and maintenance.

Pre bonded extensions come out of the package with a material on the end of several strands that is attached and bonded to your existing hair at the roots. Unlike many

other extensions that are attached several inches above the root, pre bonded extensions are attached very closely to the scalp, which is why they are considered the

most natural looking extensions on the market. Your hairdresser will use a special tool that will attach the bonding material to the very ends of your hair which not

only securely hold the extension on place, but actually slow down the growth of the hair so that your hair does not outgrow your extension.

Since pre bonded hair extensions are applied so close to the scalp, this gives even more option for you and your hairdresser

for styling. The best pre bonded extensions can be styled just like your existing hair. Most hair care products and treatments damage cheaply made synthetic extensions.

The great thing about real human hair pre bonded extensions is that they will react the same way to these treatments as your real hair, making them one of the most

versatile hair care products on the market.

For women thinking about purchasing hair extensions, be sure to do your homework and pay close attention to the type of extension you are buying. Pre bonded extensions

can give you the most natural looking body and length that you’ve been looking for.

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