How to avoid being scammed. Some of us have had this happen to us even though we were not aware of it. The best ones are ones where we never realise it at all, then we do not complain nor go to the Police or whoever else would help us.

Take for example where you are told that the bracelet you are buying is pure 18 carat gold and you pay a high price for it and never know any different. BUT the person who sells it to you knows that it is 9 carat and only plated, worth far less than you paid. You could wear that for years and never know the difference, happy in your ignorance.

Yesterday I received a fake email asking me to send a "church" in Africa lots of money so that they could buy bibles they desperately need. I wrote back that I would buy them lots of bibles and send them to them. Not the response they wanted. And, of course, I would not!

Online there are always people looking out to cheat you out of money. In real life we also get people wanting to cheat us out of our possessions and sometimes our live. So what do we do to prevent it? The answer is simple. Ask yourself if the thing you are offered is too good to be true. If, for example, a very handsome, young and sexy guy tells an old, crusty, wrinkly fat toothless lady he has fallen in love with her but needs her to lend him some money before his inheritance arrives we can safely say it is not true.
Ask yourself if YOU would be intersted in YOU if you were them.

There are lots of different examples we can use to show that this person or that person is not trustworthy but you need to know before you trust them, not after it has all gone wrong.

Take another example, the so called oracle who claims to read the tarot cards. They will tell you something for free, no charge at all. You will smile because they said something very welcome and it cheered you up. But then they will say that unless you spend lots of money on a spell it will not happen. Nobody who is any good at readings would be offering to work free, so that tells you at the very start it is iffy. They would be far too busy doing readings for people who value them and pay them to have the time. You can get a great reading from a person who is
reputable, kind, talented and psychic here at if that is what you want, but it will not be free, it will be at a fair price to both. You can also check out their newspaper articles and other testimonials first.

You can always make sure you are not cheated by putting yourself in the other person's place. How to avoid being scammed.

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