While moving your office to a new location can be exciting, getting your head around everything you need to do can be extremely daunting. Most business owners don’t know where to begin. Moving office is far more complex than moving home but with guidance, you can manage this with a minimum of stress.

The most important aspect of moving your office is to ensure that it causes minimal disruption to the day-to-day running of your business. You don’t want the moving process to cause problems for your customers, your suppliers or your employees. This means that you must plan your move carefully so you do not harm your business reputation, your income, your employees’ expectations and your supply chain. Most of all, you want to ensure that you continue to provide the same high level of customer service. You may have devoted customers but they really can’t be expected to deal with lengthy waiting times while you relocate.

Here are some steps to keep in mind when you move your office;
• Hire the best office removals company for your needs
• Make sure the movers can accommodate your needs by your
preferred moving date
• Move your office furniture over a weekend to cause
minimum interruption to your staff
• Choose a removal service experienced with moving office furniture and electronic equipment
• Measure the space in your new office to ensure
equipment will fit through entrances
• Draw up a floor plan and decide what needs to go where
before the Removalists come in
• Before your move-in date, make sure you’re connected to
the internet

They seem like common sense ideas, but missing any of these steps can cause enormous problems to the continued operation of your business.

Once you’ve completed your planning, pass your floor plan on to the removal company so they can determine what needs to be packed and moved first. This also reduces the need to move furniture around at the new location.

A really simple, yet effective step is to label each item of furniture with colored stickers, as desks, chairs, storage shelves and electronic equipment looks similar. Ensuring employees get the equipment they are used to using can help them settle into the new location much faster.

Declutter your office
Over time, it is easy to accumulate supplies, equipment and furniture that is no longer necessary in the day-to-day efficiency of your business. Take this opportunity to leave behindanything that you do not need in your future operations. You can pass the furniture and equipment to a charity, support another small business by selling the property online at reduced prices, or recycle any items you no longer use.

Get each team member to label and pack their own files and workstation so that they can continue using the things they are familiar with in the new location. Allow your staff to choose something new to add to their office space to lift their motivation in the moving process.

Ensure your IT staff are on hand to connect everyone as soon as they get to the new office. There is nothing more frustrating for your team than waiting for internet connection before they can commence work. They need to get on with their job so your company doesn’t suffer financially and your important reputation isn’t dented.
It is a huge step moving your business to a new location but with a Melbourne Movers , your move can me smoother and more efficient causing the least impact to your bottom line.

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Mohit Jaiswal Owner of Mister Mover, a moving company in Melbourne who offering House moving , Office and Furniture Removalist Services across Melbourne, Australia.