For the majority of young men, pursuing a career as a firefighter is an ideal lifestyle. Especially when the chance to ride in a big red firetruck to save lives, and put out eradicating houses or buildings. A day in the life of a firefighter may seem like a a fun and easy job, however, it is definitely not a preferable job for anyone.

Standard Firefighter Requirements:

Be a U.S. citizen
Have a valid driver's license
Be at minimum of 18 years of age and no more than 30 years old
Graduate from high school or attain a GED
Be in shape fit and have done some strength training recently
Pass a typical hearing and vision test
Pass a basic medical test performed by a doctor
Pass a written and physical fitness test
Have no violations on your driving record
Have no criminal violations or a criminal record
Be able to handle different levels of stress
Be able to stay calm under extremely stressful and anxious situations
Be able to make logical, smart and fast decisions
Becoming a fireman is not quite what you'd expect or something that is trouble free.
Here are 5 snappy methods every prospective firefighter should practice before they apply in order to increase their chances of landing the job.

Stand out from the crowd, volunteer your time!
Fire departments are looking for individuals with the heart to give back to the community. It's a great opportunity and a step up for you if you volunteer community service work. It is a great opportunity for you to make your resume stand out from any other applicants. Check with your local American Red Cross, they usually look for any volunteers any time of the year.

Become an paramedic or EMT (emergency medical technician)
Most fire departments have emergency medical related calls, having medical knowledge and skills is now a prerequisite for becoming a firefighter. This will increase your chances of becoming hired much greater than a prospective applicant without any medical skills or knowledge.

Educate yourself and take some safety fire technology classes at your local community college
It sure looks good on your resume and prepares you for the career path you are pursuing. It shows that you are a devoted, committed and are motivated towards your gaining firefighting skills.

Start taking firefighter tests
There's no better way of grading your aptitude and knowledge before you apply to a fire department, do yourself a favor and take some firefighting tests! Taking fire fighting tests is a requirement to get hired, so do yourself a favor, save yourself some time and prepare yourself for the actual test by taking practice ones.

Maintain a clean record and lifestyle
Keep a great track record free of violations or issues (car accidents, traffic violations, arrests, violence, anger management, etc.) will only make it things harder for you when you apply. Start making smart choices and start making some changes that will affect your future in a positive way.

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