If you are wondering if it's easy to become a nuclear power plant operator since Homer Simpson can do it - think again after you find more more information on this career. It's not just lazing around in your swivel chair eating donuts all day or sipping on ice coffee. You have to be alert, think on your feet and be able to avert nuclear disaster if there is any problem in any moment in time.

What is general overview, job description and a day in the life of a nuclear power plant operator?

Nuclear power provides electricity for one in five U.S. homes and businesses. The operators at nuclear power plants are personnel who work to ensure that the nuclear reactors are running securely, safely and correctly at all times. Operators track and record all necessary instruments that power the reactors throughout the day. They put forth procedures if there are any failures or breakdowns that occur. Nuclear power reactors also handle and modify the quantity of electrical power that is being generated and the nuclear reactor fluids temperature level as electricity needs fluctuate throughout the day, changing weather conditions such as heat waves, blizzards, floods, nor-easters, tornadoes, etc. like heat waves.
What are the requirements in becoming a nuclear power plant operator?

Nuclear power plant hire people who are responsible, logical, organized, and detail-oriented, who have excellent computer, technical, and communication skills. They look for those who have high concentration and focusing abilities to spot patterns and also problems.
Is a degree or any education required?

The minimum expected education is a vocational or associates degree.
What academic subjects are you expected to know?

It's pertinent and important that you have experience and studied high school Chemistry, physics, algebra, geometry, algebra II, English; in addition, computer applications and computer science
Where can I apply or get a job?

What is the expected annual salary of a nuclear power plant operator?

The starting pay is around $42,000 and upwards to $97,000

This is a very rewarding and long lasting career if you are dedicated to your job, community and providing the best form of energy to the public.

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