There has been much internet chatter concerning the term ‘Online Ordination.’ What was it? Is it legal? Why on Earth would any individual seek ordination online?

·If you want to be technical, your ordination is not happening on the internet. The internet is just a means your request to be ordained through the Universal Life Church. At the time you are done filling out the form, your request to become a minister is sent to headquarters in Modesto, CA to become looked at by a real person and put into the records by hand. It is only then you will legally are considered to be a minister.

·You will discover a lot of possibilities which will become available for you, because you are a minister, should you make the decision to exercise them. By far the most common thing is to perform marriages as a favor to your friends, people you care about, and people who have a need of a wedding offiant. It’s also possible for people to shell out $100 or so and go to the county clerk to get a ‘minister for that day’ license.

People seeking to become ordained frequently do so for 3 reasons:

1. To perform the legal part of officiating service at someone's wedding.

2. To move closer towards their own spiritual or spiritual calling.

Three. OR For a joke.

Allow us look at people 3 reasons.

· The most likely circumstances that people take the step to becoming ordained, perhaps initially, has been to conduct a friend’s wedding. Conducting a wedding is a big deal – not as far as particular skill, necessarily, but due to it being someone’s monumentally important, hugely-planned-out, will-remember-for-a-lifetime day. There is no bonus, as far as skill or training, involved, that handing over $100 to the county gains for you, with the exception of the opportunity to pay it again if the ceremony day gets changed for any reason. On the other hand, the Universal Life Church Seminary will give you free training. Ceremony scripts to use, tips on how to say them, what to do appearing professional, and so on. Then, when you’restanding before many of your friends and family, you'll be able to experience like a trained professional and less like some person who just submitted a form online.

·Despite what a few people may possibly assume, you will find several committed along with caring individuals who’ve found the Universal Life Church. A lot of them create their own ministries, doing great things on behalf of others, like (visiting lonely people in the hospital, spiritual counseling, getting food as well as clothing for the less fortunate, etcetera.), while other people become ordained just as something for themselves. Volumes of folks feel the Calling to be a minister, find out their very own religious upbrining or those of others, or to find out what they themselves feel to be true. It is not clear cut for a great deal of individuals. They believe what they had been taught from their parents, with out having anything to make a comparison. Learning about other belief systems makes it easier to make an informed choice or, at the very least, can speak intelligently concerning the spiritual beliefs of others they are sharing with.

·The third reason men and women do it is possibly because they believe it would be hilarious to ordain their refrigerator. These individuals sit around in their underwear, while the rest of the world sleeps, wondering what they can to keep themselves amused. Absolutely nothing is on tv, so these brainiacs think it’s clever to name their kitchen table, fill it out the online form, then press the ordain button. Then later, when they're working or talking together with acquaintancesdo not know online, they can explain to them the outrageously fascinating story about their ordained fridge. Not to burst anybody’s bubble, but all of ordination applications are checked by hand along with having to be confirmed through email. If we feel name looks fake, your ordination won’t go through. And if you decide to give your fridge a real-sounding name, then worth entertaining the idea|you may want to consider that there is something seriously unabalanced about you.

Like with all things, you will get out of it that which you put into it. In case you need to be an informed, intelligent clergy member, doing great things out in the world, you have a unique chance to do it. You are able to get ordained, sign up with the the ULC Seminary program or Chaplaincy program, get free informative newsletters that teach you helpful things about being a pastor, get something kind emailed to you every week, in addition to a lot of other cool bits of information. Or not. That is the beauty of the way this is set up – you always have the choice. You'll be able to become any type of minister you want, OR it is possible to decide to do nothing. Whatever you do, you get out of it all that you put in it.

You can become ordained for free, online at the Universal Life Church Seminary. This article discusses three of the main reasons people seek ordination. We have ordained people of all faiths and religions.

Author's Bio: 

Amy is the President of the ULC Seminary and author of multiple books and courses on ceremonies and various spiritual belief systems.