If you are planning for a wedding party. There are various important decisions which need to be taken like shopping for jewelers, bridal and groom’s attire, caterers, and also the most essential being selecting a wedding banquet hall for that special day.
1. Pricing - Most people, since organizing the wedding for the first time are not aware of these things are often taken for a ride. Please get all these details on paper from the manager while you negotiate. We have heard of cases where the managers don’t even honor their word. And last but not the least, do as much bargaining as possible. Even the five stars don’t have any fixed prices when it comes to Banquet Booking.
2. The first thing to think about when auditioning a banquet hall is its entire capacity. The number of guests can it perfectly accommodate?

3. The location is definitely the excellent point, because it is decisive of if your invited guests would find it. If it’s a destination wedding, you have to be sure that a suitable vehicle is available to the guests to arrive at the venue.

4. Are you looking for a common traditional wedding, big wedding, color theme or some other theme based wedding? This decision will lead you to select a banquet hall, which fits to your criteria.

5. Many banquet halls provide basic facilities for their customers. These usually include chairs and tables, and primary decorations. Based on the nature of your event, you should also confirm that the banquet hall you select can provide audio/visual equipment, charging stations, and free Wi-Fi.

6. Be sure that you have a set budget kept aside in the banquet hall.

7. Providing your guests the convenience of parking their cars with no trouble, protection plus proximity to the place is one of the most essential aspects that people cannot ignore.

wedding ceremony away from the busy city life, destination weddings have become quite the trend. But to follow the trend, you need to know which wedding venues in India are upbeat and worth getting married at.

Lets take a quick look at the Best 6 Indian Wedding Venues. We promise, we’ll make the list fun, easy & Romantic!
Great weddings doesn’t always come from spending a whole lot of money. Sometimes it is about choosing the right theme, at the right place, with the right people. Now that the list has ended, you can scout for the best wedding planner in the destination and turn your dream wedding into reality.

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