Like any other kitchen appliance, thorough cleaning is essential after use regardless of which type of rice cooker you are using. You need to clean your rice cooker the right way to ensure that you and those you love will be safe or you will buy rice cooker right now. These simple guidelines will help you how to clean rice cooker properly:
Always give the rice cooker enough time to cool

The first and most important thing is to unplug the cooker and wait for it to cool. Never try to clean it when it’s hot. Attempting to clean it when it is hot or is still plugged in is a safety hazard and it can result in serious injuries.

The cooling time for a rice cooker is usually specified by the manufacturer, so remember to look for that to be on the safe side. If you do not find anything about this in the manufacturer’s guide, 30 minutes to one hour is enough to cool the cooker.
Remove burnt rice grains gently

As soon as you are done with cooking, you will usually find burnt or hardened grains of rice. Remove them gently with a moist washcloth and if the stuck rice proves to be stubborn, use a spoon or kitchen cleaning steel wire to remove it gently. It’s best to remove any burnt rice grains quickly.
Use the right detergent and washcloth to clean the pot and lid

• To clean the rice cooker, remove the inner pots and lids and soak them in hot, clean water.
• Wash them like the other dishes, unless special instructions are given.
• Avoid using abrasive cleaning material as any scratches will eventually result in an unhappy ending while cooking.
• Rinse the pots and any other accessories with clean water and wipe them dry with a towel.
• Ensure that the cleaned components are dry before storage to prevent any smell and the formation of mildew.
• Wash the exterior of the pot and lid gently.
• In case there are any tough stains, use the right detergent and remember to follow the instructions.
Features that simplify the process of cleaning a rice cooker

The ease with which you can clean your rice cooker also depends on the manufacturer. The features of a rice cooker significantly influence the cleaning process. For example, non-stick cooker bowls facilitate easy removal and cleaning.

Therefore, it’s important to consider each feature of a cooker before you buy it. The best way to do that is to read rice cooker reviews posted by customers who have used the appliance.

Reviews reflect customer satisfaction and contribute to product ratings. Some of the features you need to consider while shopping for a rice cooker are listed here:

1. Warranty
2. Cost
3. Size and shape
4. Material used
5. Capacity or volume
6. Accompanying accessories
7. Other special features added to differentiate a manufacturer in the market.
The power of customer reviews

Rice cooker reviews will help you to find out if the appliance delivers what the manufacturer promises. In some cases, you may find that certain features are not functional and are only included to sell the product.

For example, not all rice cookers are multi-purpose appliances. While some of them can be used to cook rice as well as other dishes, others are strictly for cooking rice.
Your kitchen deserves the best rice cooker on the market

Look for quality kitchen products that will allow you to cook delicious meals with ease and are backed by dependable service.

Currently, the market is full of rice cookers, some of which some are fake. They may appear to be genuine due to their attractive designs, but the truth is that they are not.

A reputable seller like Amazon guarantees that you will get a genuine rice cooker at a good price. Some of the most popular appliances are:

1. Heuck H30075 cooker and steamer
2. Cuckoo CRP-CHSS 1009FN
3. Tatung TAC-20
4. New Costway, 6 Quart Pressure Cooker
5. Aroma Housewares

So go ahead and shop with confidence for the best rice cookers without worrying about losing your money to unauthorized dealers.

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