Quick release of semen is medically called as premature ejaculation. Moreover, it is a kind of sexual dysfunction that can induce negative effects on every aspect of male's life. Furthermore, this dysfunction can be described as inability to control ejaculatory flow for at least 30 seconds during lovemaking activities are in progress. In addition, this sexual debility can prevent either one of the partners, or both the partners from satisfying their intense needs of the intimacy. Nevertheless, several people consider that quick release of semen is a disease. Besides, a lot of males pass their entire life thinking that there is no cure for this humiliating disorder.

However, the fact is that, premature ejaculation is only a sexual disorder that can be treated with the help of some effective treatment methods, for example herbal products. Nonetheless, every male experiences ejaculation problems at least once in his life, and experts consider that nearly 80 percent of males who are suffering from sexual dysfunction are patients of premature ejaculation.

Nevertheless, the exact cause for quick release of semen is still unknown but, it is a popular belief that psychological factors are causing ejaculation problems. However, many experts have found that, this sexual debility occurs due to a combination of both, physiological and psychological problems. Nonetheless, according to experts, there are 2 different types of this debility. Firstly, primary premature ejaculation is first type of this debility that affects a male as soon as he starts his intimate life. Secondly, secondary premature ejaculation occurs in later years, due to several health conditions.

However, there are several reasons for quick release of semen but, only four major premature ejaculation causes are listed below.

1. Masturbation sets the stage for PE. Moreover, too much of masturbation can affects an individual in physical as well as emotional level. Furthermore, in physical level, over masturbation can weaken nervous system and reproductive system, due to this one has to suffer from premature ejaculation. And, on emotional level, it can form a pattern in mind that can cause quick release of semen.

2. Fantasizing about intimacy is another leading cause for giving rise to PE. Moreover, fantasizing for the sake of masturbation can make a male fearful when he becomes very personal with the opposite gender in reality. And, this fear for intimacy can force ejaculatory system to ejaculate seminal fluid pre-maturely. Nevertheless, fear for intimacy is a psychological problem that occurs when a male becomes dependent on fantasy by doing this repeatedly for over the years, which becomes the automatic trigger for quick release of semen.

3. Ejaculation might be premature, if an individual gets overly anxious at the time of intimacy. Moreover, over anxiousness would put ejaculation into rush mode. Furthermore, anxiety sets body on autopilot to rush and finish lovemaking quickly, which results in quick release of semen.

4. Imbalance of hormone levels in the body is another cause for premature ejaculation. Moreover, inappropriate levels of hormone can cause dysfunction of ejaculatory mechanism, which results in ejaculation of seminal fluid prematurely.

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