You yearn to achieve the peace and wellbeing that comes with reconnecting with your true Self, but this connection remains mysterious and elusive.

When you’re connected you feel energized, at ease with life’s challenges, and secure in what you do. You operate from a place of love, which generates balance and good health.

When you’re disconnected you may feel tired, weighed down by the stresses of life, or anxious about things. You operate from a place of fear – fear that you won’t be approved of, fear that you won’t be in control, or fear that you won’t be secure. Eventually these fears can lead to imbalance and poor health.

Connecting with your true Self involves accessing the essence of your being, which is always present however many years and layers of other feelings now surround it.

How to make the connection? Fortunately there are many ways to experience your true nature, so you’re by no means confined to the practice of ‘meditation’. Here are some suggestions which work as well.

How to connect?

1. Spend time in silence

We live in a world of noise and distractions, which continually grab our attention out of ourselves to the material world. So one way to connect with your true Self is through silence.

Simply sit or lie away from people, the computer, TV, newspapers and books, and be with yourself. No effort is needed, just relax and ‘be’. At first your thoughts may run wild, but if you persist they will quiet down until you experience an inner calm.

2. Spend time in nature

Trees, plants and animals are still connected to their source, to the power and intelligence that made them. So relating with nature, outdoors or simply through single flower in a vase, helps connect you to your inner self.

3. Become aware of your breath

Perhaps the easiest way to connect to yourself is to become aware of your breath. Simply shift your awareness to your breath coming into, and then leaving, your body. This immediately brings your attention to the present, and a calm place in which you can connect to your Self.

4. Use a meditation method

There are many ‘methods’ available to help you find your inner Self, coming under the general umbrella of ‘meditation’.

Walking meditation. Take a leisurely walk. Breathe in the air. Notice the sounds and smells!

High tech meditation. Put on your headphones and a binaural beats track. Sit back and let the technology do the rest.

Mantra meditation.

Candle meditation. Light a candle somewhere safe, sit down and focus on the candle flame. Let all other thoughts drift out of your mind. Keep focussed on the flickering flame.

Guided meditation. Put on your headphones and listen to a pre-recorded guided meditation talk you through the process of relaxing your body and clearing your mind.

Mirror gazing. Simply gaze into your reflected image. Focus and let all other thoughts fall out of your mind. The same can be done by contemplating a painting or flower.

5. Release your feelings

Another approach is to release the feelings which have built up around, and in turn dimmed, your inner Self. Starting with whatever feeling is present in this moment release it, and notice what feeling surfaces next.

At first this connection may be just a few minutes, but with practice it becomes longer and easier, eventually you can access it at will.

Author's Bio: 

Several years ago I began my spiritual journey. Throughout this journey I knew that this was going to change me completely and that it was for a bigger purpose extending outside of my home. I am a 42 year old mother of three children; the oldest is seven, a five year old and a 3 year old. I have been married for 11 years and I live on creating a holistic atmosphere in my home while keeping everything that is natural as part of our lives. I was born and raised in Puerto Rico by outstanding and very highly evolved parents. Every day I continue to amaze myself at the great Wisdom they possess. I have a wonderful and extremely successful sister. She has been a guiding angel in my life as I have been following her since I can remember being here. She has always been a step ahead of me and with outstanding qualities as a human being. I hold a BS in Marketing from Bentley University in Boston and a Master in Communications from Boston University. I am a certified Life Coach and Meditation Master. I have also been trained in The Power of Intention, Positive Affirmations, Self-healing, Instant Inner Power, Theta DNA Healing and Living your own Success. Aside from everything mentioned above, I worked for 10 years in the television industry with Telemundo Network and NBC Network as producer and entertainment news anchor. After my years in the TV industry in went on to take the position of Communications Director for Cartier Jewelers International in charge of the Latin American markets. After four years at Cartier I began my own business while training in the areas of Self-Empowerment and Living in a Positive Existence. I am a Certified Meditation and Realization Coach. I have my own practice specializing in parent to children relation and personal goal achievement. I work with individuals, families and children. Founder of spreading techniques on how to achieve happiness in live. I currently have my own EmpowerPeace line and yoga wear.