When you own a home, it seems like there are countless issues that arise as the years go by. Hiring a contractor to cover these issues is often the first course of action, but you can figure them out on your own. In fact, you quickly empower yourself by fixing certain items around the house. Explore some of the areas that you can tackle as a homeowner without calling in the expensive contractors.

Adjusting the Garage Door Opener

The garage door is typically a household item that's largely overlooked because of its size and weight. Most modern doors are roll-up designs that can get louder with years of use. Fix the garage door by lubricating its major parts. The rollers and hinges are motion points that will wear down over time. Use an approved lubricant on these areas, and evaluate other sections for wear. The opener mechanism may need a new, light bulb or adjustment to the pulley. Test the garage door afterward because it should move with ease as a whisper-quiet reaction becomes its normal sound.

Swapping Out the Hot Water Heater

Avoid that household disaster where the hot-water heater suddenly cracks open by replacing it well before it rusts out from the inside. Inspect your heater every month for any declining materials, such as rust appearing at the base. It's possible to swap out your heater with some help from friends. Shut off the water, empty the heater with a garden hose and carefully detach the tank from the plumbing. These heaters are heavy, but three or four people supporting the empty tank can make easy work out of the project.

The Leaky Faucet and More

Fixing your own plumbing issues around the home is also an empowering act when you take a few, simple steps. Always shut off the water to the area being serviced, such as the guest bathroom. Inspect the faucet for any worn gaskets, filters and other details. Most plumbing issues within the home are relatively simple to fix. A plumber in Heber City, Utah knows that you should clean out any blockages by removing the exposed pipe under the sink. Replace and lubricate any gaskets on the faucet itself. By keeping the faucet neatly sealed, you'll have a reliable fixture for many years to come.

Troubleshooting the HVAC System

Whether the heater or air conditioner isn't working, you can still troubleshoot basic issues with the HVAC system. Inspect the interior unit, and vacuum any dust away from the components. Watch the pilot light glow as the heater turns on. Listen to the system's activation sequence as it's being controlled by the thermostat. In many cases, your problems might be isolated to dust on the wiring or a dirty filter. Keep items away from the exterior unit so that it can expel the hot air with ease during the summer.

Be Aware of Electrical Issues

If you notice that a circuit breaker trips every time that you turn on a blow dryer upstairs, it's time to verify if the electrical panel has any problems. Open the protective door and inspect the interior. There should be no dark marks or unusual scents. If tripped breakers are a common problem, contact a professional to look over the system. Empowering yourself also means protecting your household from any serious damages. Electrical work should always be performed by a certified professional.

Every repair or update around the home depends on your comfort level with the project. Be honest with yourself if a project seems to be overwhelming. Ask for help from your loved ones or call the professionals in the end. You also empower yourself when you understand your limits. The home will ultimately look and operate well as you boost its value to your family and potential buyers in the future.

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