Formatting your cover letter is a very important thing if you want to make a good impression on your potential employer. It is necessary to leave correct spacing between paragraphs, to write only needed information without shelling, to place your letter on one page.
Your cover letter must have a logical construction. You should not jump from one thought to another, and then return to the first thought. It will make some difficulties in reading your cover letter by the employer.
So, your cover letter must have a clear structure with sufficient space between paragraphs, a readable font, a suitable salutation and closing. If your cover letter corresponds to the listed requirements, you can be sure that your cover letter will attract employer's attention.
How to Format Your Cover Letter?
Firstly, you should write your cover letter and then format it.
Then look through cover letter's contact section. The setting of this section, which contains your contact information depends on how you will send your cover letter. If you mail or upload your cover letter, you are to place a contact section on the top of the page. If you send it by email, your contact information should be below your signature.
After cover letter's contact section goes a salutation. The salutation must consist of the employer's personal title and his full name (for example, “Dear Ms. Jane Smith”). If you don't know who will read your cover letter, write “Dear Hiring manager”. If you have some problems with reader's gender, write only the full name (for example, “Dear Jane Smith”).
Cover letter's body is a section where you explain why you are the right person for the company. Here, you must put the strongest facts. You must persuade the employer that he will not find the best candidate for the position.
You may write in paragraphs information about your qualifications or you may put it in the bulleted lists. Use bullets such as circles, points, numbers etc. Try to do it in the same way. It will look more formal and strict. If you write your cover letter in paragraphs, they should be compact. It's better include your information into three paragraphs.
Speaking about closing, it's necessary to say that it should be written in a professional manner.
Don't forget about your signature at the end of your cover letter.
When you have written all information, you can format your cover letter: to set margins, choose a font and space.
Cover letter font and size
Font size of your cover letter should be the same as the size font of your resume. You should write your cover letter between 10 and 12 font size. The common types of font are Time New Roman, Arial, or Calibri.
It's a good way to write your cover letter in one style. Avoid underlining, italicizing or bolding.
You may bold or underline in your cover letter heading with your name and contact information.
Cover letter margins
Cover letter margins should be about 1” all around. The text should be aligned to the left.
Cover letter space
It is very important to space your cover letter. It will make your letter clear, readable, harmonized.
Leave a space between every paragraph, add space information about the employer, after salutation, closing and your contact information.
Cover letter text
The text of the cover letter should be understandable, readable and clear. Don't write your cover letter in one large block of the text. Divide it into paragraphs. Align all the text to the left.
When everything is done, ask somebody to read and check your cover letter. He/she may give you useful advice if something is wrong.
Now, you are ready to send your cover letter to the employer.

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