The operation manager in the business franchising plays the pivotal role in effectively and efficiently managing the business. If needed to be summed up, the entire responsibility is of the operation manager to keep the business going.

The role of the franchise operation manager cannot be overlooked. The franchising becomes easier when each of the employees understands their role and does it accordingly. As far as the involvement of the franchise operation manager is concerned, the person holds the most reputed position within the company. He is the sole person responsible for looking after all the activities in the franchising firm. He ensures that the business is a successful and roaring one. “How to Franchise a Business” is not as tough as getting it going is.

According to a report that analyses the different businesses and their status, the analysts have found out that most of the business owners prefer the franchising as one of the easy ways of getting their business going. But one place where they get beaten is the lack of planning and the zeal. Merely buying a franchisee is not going to help a business. The real work starts after the formalities of franchisee is over.

The business needs to get going. So, in order to get the business going, the operation managers play the vital role. The owners of the franchisee look for the operation heads that have the following qualities-

• A business operation head must be creative

• The manager needs to energetic in his efforts to improve the processes

• The manager is responsible for improving the process within the available resources, efficiently and effectively

As far as the other responsibilities of an operation manager are concerned, it can be summed up into the following few categories-

Keeping the Business in Market

Most of the businesses or the companies vanish from the market only because of the incorrect approach towards doing business. The operation manager is responsible for maintaining the competing practices by making improvements and framing strategies.

Keeping the Business Sustainable

According to the franchise advice from an expert franchise consultant, those businesses are successful in maintaining a strong foothold in the market for a long time, that have been able to build a strong market reputation and have a good customer-seller strategy.

Corporate based Reporting

The operation manager has the responsibility to maintain and compile the financial data like the data related to finance and performance. The collected data is always reported to the stakeholders. The financial responsibilities include keeping the account of profit and loss, sales expense and goals intact. He also carries out the assessment at times to check the viability of the business.


For setting up of any type of business, planning is necessary. It is considered that for franchising a business, the operation manager plans actively to make sure that all the deadlines are achieved within the stipulated deadline.


Since franchising is a type of activity that is very much equivalent to running a firm, therefore it is the operation manager that ensures that the person working at their franchisee are imparted the proper training.

According to the franchise consultants, to every business franchisee query regarding “how to franchise a business” should be cleared. The business franchising is a lengthy process and involves a series of activities and a hierarchy of management personnel to make the process a successful one.

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Mr. Luke Schembri is a renowned franchise consultant offering valuable franchise advice. He has been advising the entrepreneurs regarding the importance and the role of hiring an operation manager during franchising a business. He says that the business operation becomes smooth when the franchisee is successful in hiring the effective operation manager.