Ahh, the bachelor pad. A place where a man can eat wings, down beers and watch cage fights without question. A place free from doilies and “Desperate Housewives.” A place not particularly conducive to an actual date. Huh? No matter how nice your apartment/house/dorm room is (or what lengths you go to stash your Xbox games), it’s not the ideal setting for a date. Sucks, huh? Things would just be so much easier! You’re going to have to work to get her from point A (the bar, club, comic book convention) to point B (your testosterone-reeking residence.) It’s not going to be easy, but no girl worth pursuing ever is. No single line is going to convince her to come back to your den of manhood. “You want to go back to my place for coffee?” She knows what “coffee” means, buddy. That shit didn’t even work in the 80s. “So, I need a second opinion on this new mattress I bought…” Just stop right there. You’ve got to be cool and lay off the one-liners. If she senses how badly you’re trying to lure her back to your place for action, she’s going to bolt and you’ll have to keep yourself company that night if you catch my drift. If you’re wondering how to get a girl back back to your pad without looking like just another horny bro-dude, keep reading.

How to Get a Girl Back (By Rubbing Her Back)

Would you inhale an entire bag of pizza-flavored chips without first seeing if they tasted nasty or not? No! (And for the record, all pizza-flavored chips are nasty). If you have any hopes of making out/sleeping with this girl, you’ve got to set a precedent by actually touching her throughout the night.

You’re not going to go from a handshake to all-night Tantric sex; it’s just not going to happen. You’ve got to get her comfortable and establish a physical connection early on. She’ll know right off the bat whether you’ve got any game whatsoever. She’s not going to go further physically if you’ve got the moves of a pimple-faced 13-year-old.

Along with letting her know whether or not you actually know how to get physical without poking her eye out, touching early on will make her feel more comfortable with you; it will establish a connection. No physical contact whatsoever tells her you’re 1) not interested or 2) a chicken shit.

Gradually up the touching as the night goes on and in accordance to her response. Don’t start the date off by pinching her ass (in fact, leave that out altogether.) Touch her softly and she how she responds. The more she touches back, the more you should. If she’s interested, your gradual, welcome touching should make her more comfortable with going back to your place for even more.

Make Your Place Worthy of a Visit

Ever seen “The 40-Year-Old Virgin”? If so, you know a place filled with action figures and Asia posters is not particularly attractive to the opposite sex. Even if your place looks boss, however, it’s not enough to entice a woman to want to hang out there. In order to get a girl back to your place, you’ve got to make it worthy of a visit. Owning an Olympic-sized swimming pool or priceless artwork would probably help. Unfortunately, your blow-up pool and limited edition Darth Vader lithograph probably isn’t going to entice her.

A great way how to get a girl back to your place is to throw a house party. Not only will it give you something fun to do, but you’ll look sexier by giving her a glimpse into your social universe. She’ll think “Hey, this guy knows how to have a good time and has enough friends to throw a party. He isn’t a creepy axe murderer!” It will also make her feel less intimidated if there are other people there. She won’t feel like you’re just trying to get with her if you’re busy singing drunken versions of Snoop Dogg songs with your buds.

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